Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Conservative clown car edition

Morning, all! Is there anyone who HASN’T declared he’s running for the Republican nom om nom nom?



Oh, shut up.

From Dead Breitbart and the no-longer-virgin Ben, let’s start with big tents and clown cars!

THE BIG TENT PARTY COLLAPSES ^ | 5-27-2015 | Ben Shapiro

Posted on 5‎/‎27‎/‎2015‎ ‎1‎:‎58‎:‎02‎ ‎PM by servo1969

The GOP is falling apart.

How else to explain the wide variance of positions within the Republican Party on basic issues ranging from same-sex marriage to immigration to tax policy? For years, GOP bigwigs have explained that the Republican Party can only succeed if it expands and evolves, embracing as many views as possible. There’s only one problem: that simply doesn’t work.

While the Democratic Party has moved toward leftist purity in which Hillary Clinton’s policy positions are virtually indistinguishable from socialist Bernie Sanders’, the Republican Party has become to political positions what COEXIST bumper stickers are to religion – an embrace of all and, thereby, a perversion of all. The media enjoy suggesting that the Republican Party has never been more right-wing, but the opposite is true: the Republican Party has never been more heterogeneous, and the Democratic Party has never been more radically homogenous.

Just look at the Republican field today: an agglomeration of random humans appealing to small segments of the population. The Republican Party has now fragmented into Tea Party Republicans who oppose Establishment Republicans, Socially Conservative Republicans who oppose Libertarian Republicans. None of these candidates are running for the nomination; all of them are running for approximately 25 percent of the vote in a primary. Winning one quarter of primary voters in the early states could win the nomination.

1 posted on ‎5‎/‎27‎/‎2015‎ ‎1‎:‎58‎:‎02‎ ‎PM by servo1969

Oh woe is you! What the hell happened, Freepers?

To: tbw2

It is about money and power and temporary satisfaction that contains both. Republican Elitism is largely about the urgency of now and the fewer impediments to that power and money. They could give a crap about their progeny’s future lot.

4 posted on 5‎/‎27‎/‎2015‎ ‎2‎:‎04‎:‎19‎ ‎PM by Gaffer

To: servo1969

The Republican Party is not collapsing….The RINO leadership is losing its power. Until and unless that leadership loses it’s power the rank and file will remain in a state of non support.

To the Republican Party….Change or face extinction…..

One way or another We the People will take back our power.

5 posted on 5‎/‎27‎/‎2015‎ ‎2‎:‎04‎:‎22‎ ‎PM by Forty-Niner (The barely bare berry bear formerly known as Arctos Horribilis.)

If you dickheads don’t quit playing Purity Wars, you’ll take back nothing, except the Whig Party’s place in the history books.
To: servo1969

What I am is a Small government Libertarian Republican who favors gun rights, lower taxes and states rights and I’m against abortion, open borders, Obamacare and federalism. My candidate is Ted Cruz…

21 posted on 5‎/‎27‎/‎2015‎ ‎2‎:‎48‎:‎36‎ ‎PM by ExCTCitizen (I’m ExCTCitizen and I approve this reply. If it does offend Libs, I’m NOT sorry…)

Ted Cruz?
And, of course:
To: servo1969
BUT Wait! There is More!“Sparky” Little Rick Perry wants to run too!

Always room for one more.

19 posted on 5‎/‎27‎/‎2015‎ ‎2‎:‎34‎:‎20‎ ‎PM by hadaclueonce (It is not heaven, it is Iowa. Everyone gets a “Corn Check”)
And now – the post of the thread!
To: servo1969

Speaking of a circus, how do they get all those clowns in that little bitty car?

20 posted on 5‎/‎27‎/‎2015‎ ‎2‎:‎35‎:‎34‎ ‎PM by hadaclueonce (It is not heaven, it is Iowa. Everyone gets a “Corn Check”)

More fun stuff after the purity whores…

Speaking of also-rans:

Under fire, Walker aide Liz Mair resigns
The Hill ^ | 3/18/2015 | Niall Stanage

Posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎28‎:‎45‎ ‎PM by dragnet2

An online communications strategist working for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) campaign-in-waiting resigned late Tuesday, according to The Associated Press, after controversy erupted over disparaging comments she had made disparaging comments about Iowa?

Wasn’t she just hired two days ago?Did Walker change his mind again regarding his new and now former pro-amnesty media/communications consultant?

Disparaging comments about Iowa? But I was told by a dozen people here that the media people controlling the campaigns only say what the candidates wants them to say and do not voice personal policy or comments.

What a circus.

BTW this reeks. Walker received tons angry feedback regarding his pro-amnesty choice, who apparently he’s associated closely with for years.

Seems Walker is attempting to save his political butt again by suddenly once again changing his tune.

1 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎28‎:‎45‎ ‎PM by dragnet2
Let’s see – in 2014 you guys were sucking Walker’s asshole hard enough to give him a pelvic prolapse.
This year?
To: dragnet2

This Walker kid is sure turning out to be a keeper huh? Good grief.

2 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎31‎:‎45‎ ‎PM by bobby.223 (Retired up in the snowy mountains of the American Redoubt and it’s a great life!)

To: bobby.223

All humiliated with mouth fulls of crow probably won’t be showing up here.

5 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎38‎:‎02‎ ‎PM by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)

I wouldn’t be so sure of that…
To: dragnet2

They weren’t disparaging remarks about Iowa. They were disparaging remarks about Democrats who claimed to be shocked to learn Iowa families were making money off the ethanol subsidy.

9 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎46‎:‎14‎ ‎PM by mak5

To: dragnet2

Waffle Man

4 posted on ‎3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎36‎:‎52‎ ‎PM by stephenjohnbanker (My Batting Average( 1,000) (GOPe is that easy to read))

To: Lurkinanloomin
The only chance Walker has of being elected is being against amnesty. He has repeatedly made recent statements opposing amnesty.

19 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎58‎:‎35‎ ‎PM by Extremely Extreme Extremist
To: Extremely Extreme Extremist

Ya can’t put the bullet back in the barrel.

No sale.

21 posted on 3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎7‎:‎03‎:‎13‎ ‎PM by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)

And, of course:
To: Extremely Extreme Extremist

The point is that Walker is not doing anything to stop these dairy farmers from using the Cheap Labor Express. As a result, Wisconsin is actually overrun with illegal invaders.

Yep. That’s what immediately comes to mind when I think of Wisconsin.

Illegal invaders.

Walker instead accepts these dairy associations’ endorsements and, I reckon, promises them that when he is President that he will open the flood gates in the border states and allow 10s of millions more illegal invaders in to work their farms.

24 posted on ‎3‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎7‎:‎10‎:‎22‎ ‎PM by WIBamian (Cruz for President. Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for Vice-President. True conservative heroes!)

Then it just kind of degenerates into a Purity Brawl.
To: Dutchboy88

“Yeah, your Hillary girl is going to be much better….”

Brilliant….for a moron.

45 posted on ‎3‎/‎19‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎22‎:‎08‎ ‎AM by stephenjohnbanker (My Batting Average( 1,000) (GOPe is that easy to read))

To: stephenjohnbanker

Perhaps you should stick with your banking and leave the thinking to us adults.

47 posted on 3‎/‎19‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎25‎:‎00‎ ‎AM by Dutchboy88

To: Dutchboy88

You aren’t an adult, so this does not apply.

48 posted on 3‎/‎19‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎27‎:‎50‎ ‎AM by stephenjohnbanker (My Batting Average( 1,000) (GOPe is that easy to read))

To: stephenjohnbanker

Now, now, take that ridilin(sic) and sit down. We’ll take care of the country while you pout.

49 posted on 3‎/‎19‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎30‎:‎13‎ ‎AM by Dutchboy88

To: Dutchboy88; dragnet2; Lurkinanloomin

Take your pro amnesty Walker and your basketball and go home.

50 posted on ‎3‎/‎19‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎32‎:‎10‎ ‎AM by stephenjohnbanker (My Batting Average( 1,000) (GOPe is that easy to read))

OK – what’s next? We haven’t had a False Flag / neocon-spiracy thread in, oh, say – two weeks.
Crews Demolish Home Where Newtown School Shooter Lived
NBC Connecticut ^ | 3-23-2015 | AP
Posted on 3‎/‎25‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎57‎:‎26‎ ‎AM by Citizen Zed

The Newtown home of the man who killed 20 first graders and six staff members in a shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012 has been demolished.

All that now remains at 36 Yogananda Street, where Adam Lanza lived with his mother Nancy, is a lot of land, which is expected to remain as open space.

On Dec. 14, 2012, Adam Lanza shot his mother before heading to Sandy Hook, where he carried out the massacre and then committed suicide, according to police.

The demolition began on Monday and was completed the same day, officials from Newtown Public Works said. Several neighbors said the 3,100-square-foot house was a constant reminder of the tragedy and asked that it be taken down.

1 posted on 3‎/‎25‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎57‎:‎26‎ ‎AM by Citizen Zed
Freepers will surely be able to overcome their embarrassment over having to acknowledge what can be done with a gun.
To: Citizen Zed

Has anyone looked into this farce? Do some research.

“Do some research”?  You forgot “WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!”, didn’t you?


The whole thing was BS.

Facebook pages were up the day before the kids got killed and they walked away with millions. A police car parked in the parking lot captured nothing on the dashcam yet the fake police radio reports that were scripted (and given to reporters by two state troopers) had people running out of the school at a certain time.

The fact that an autistic 120lb kid carried 100lbs of guns and weapons and ammo supposedly shot in the door (which was later found out to be done by the cops) and then had an accuracy report of 98% that navy seals said they couldn’t do?
Also he drove a car that was not his. That it did belong to a felon from Florida?? And the security camera ( a brand new system) was missing that day?
Start here.

5 posted on 3‎/‎25‎/‎2015‎ ‎11‎:‎14‎:‎48‎ ‎AM by longfellow (Bill Maher, the 21st hijacker.)

No! No!
Start HERE!
To: longfellow

“Facebook pages were up the day before the kids got killed”. Evidence? Screen shots?

Just how many people do you think are in on this “conspiracy”? The whole PD?

6 posted on 3‎/‎25‎/‎2015‎ ‎11‎:‎20‎:‎15‎ ‎AM by bigdaddy45

To: longfellow

Are there or are there not a bunch of dead kids? And teachers?

Did the parents offer up their children to be slaughtered for some ideological or financial reason?

Do you have any idea how many people it would require to pull off such a conspiracy? Do you really think random people in small New England towns would join in such a conspiracy and then be able to keep their mouths shut about it?

Three people could keep such a secret if two of them were dead.

10 posted on 3‎/‎25‎/‎2015‎ ‎11‎:‎37‎:‎50‎ ‎AM by Sherman Logan

Sssh – he’s on a roll!
To: longfellow
Sandy Hoax.. I totally agree. Also THIS tidbit of info very odd at the time and still is: SSDI says Adam Lanza died a day before Sandy Hook massacre
12 posted on 3‎/‎25‎/‎2015‎ ‎11‎:‎45‎:‎06‎ ‎AM by CivilWarBrewing
You mean Social Security Disability Insurance was in on this hideous conspiracy TOO?
And the last word….
To: NorthWoody
It did strike me afterward that the voices that should have been howling the loudest, such as the parents, seemed to go quiet not long afterward. If it had been real, with real people wronged in this way, wouldn’t we still be hearing from them yet today?What did you expect to happen differently? Are we still hearing from the parents of Columbine? Of Virginia Tech? What about the family of all those people shot in that movie theater a couple years back? Those tragedies were just as bad.

I really have to question the sanity of people who seriously think that Sandy Hook never happened. They are no different than Holocaust-deniers in my opinion.

By the way, I live in Newtown so I personally know it happened.

And as for it being used to grab our guns, well, it hasn’t happened yet.

39 posted on ‎3‎/‎25‎/‎2015‎ ‎4‎:‎27‎:‎13‎ ‎PM by SamAdams76
Time for one more – I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up the Bristol Ball “I’m-not-getting-married-but-the-catering-and-tent-are-already-paid-for” lollapalooza…
So it’s Ship-shape and Bristol fashion !  (composite thread)
Bristol Palin calls off her wedding
The Hill ^ | May 18, 2015 | Judy Kurtz
Posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎03‎:‎46‎ ‎PM by BradtotheBone

Bristol Palin and fiancé Dakota Meyer are calling off their wedding, which was set to take place this weekend.

Former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced the cancellation of her daughter’s nuptials in a Monday Facebook post, writing the couple has “informed loved ones that unfortunately the announced celebration planned for May 23 will not be held.”

Palin wrote that, although it won’t be a walk down the aisle, a shindig of some sort will still go on: “Many friends and family still look forward to getting together that day in Kentucky anyway — and the Palins and Meyers are happily looking forward to still being at ‘the old Kentucky home’ on May 23 to celebrate life, in general!” Bristol Palin, a 24-year-old former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant and mom to 6-year-old Tripp, had announced her engagement to Meyer, a Marine and Medal of Honor recipient, back in March.

Recently, the pair had been dogged by a tabloid report claiming Meyer had a “secret wife” whom he had married as a teen and subsequently divorced.

1 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎03‎:‎46‎ ‎PM by BradtotheBone
And already, we have a strong contender for post of the thread!
To: BradtotheBone

I sure am glad I was not invited.

2 posted on ‎5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎05‎:‎38‎ ‎PM by forgotten man

Ba dum tss,
To: BradtotheBone

The Palins kinda impress me as kinda “White Trashy”.

4 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎06‎:‎52‎ ‎PM by US Navy Vet (Go Packers! Go Rockies! Go Boston Bruins! See, I’m “Diverse”!)

To: BradtotheBone
Bristol Palin, a 24-year-old former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant and mom to 6-year-old TrippThe media should also mention that she has been a long time national spokeswoman for pro-life and abstinence groups, even without mentioning her New York Times bestseller.

9 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎09‎:‎43‎ ‎PM by ansel12
Well, the “Bristol Palin lecturing people about abstinence is like Guy Fieri lecturing people about hairstyles” thing is getting a bit old.
To: Noamie
” that the Palins run with a trashy crowd?”Bristol needs to be a bit more ‘careful’ in selecting guys if this thing about her fiancee having a ‘secret wife’ turns out to be true.

21 posted on ‎5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎14‎:‎37‎ ‎PM by LibFreeUSA
I can’t imagine what’s keeping the Palinistas….
To: Noamie

No, I don’t think the devoutly Christian Governor and her Christian family run with a trashy crowd.

This news of breaking off the engagement to a Medal of Honor awarded ex-Marine makes you bring that up?

15 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎12‎:‎37‎ ‎PM by ansel12

Ah – there we go.
Let the games begin!
To: ansel12

I’ve never seen any reason to call them trash.
These people who like to call Sarah and her family trash must lead a very moral life.

30 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎24‎:‎33‎ ‎PM by TribalPrincess2U (0bama’s agenda—Divide and conquer seems to be working.)

Well, we’d have to take a poll to see how many Freepers are unwed mothers.
To: BradtotheBone

Sorry, these people remind me of the Kardashians.

40 posted on ‎5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎46‎:‎14‎ ‎PM by nikos1121 (“The enemy of your enemy is your enemy!” B. Netanyahu)

To: DoodleDawg
“If he was divorced, no big deal….I can’t see how that would enter into the picture in this day and ageWell, some Churches (like the Catholic Church, and maybe others?) still are saddled with that old, archaic, obsolescent nonsense from Jesus about how marrying a divorced person is adultery.

Not the sort of thing most people would take seriously, of course.

52 posted on ‎5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎4‎:‎01‎:‎05‎ ‎PM by Mrs. Don-o (“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus: the power of God who brings salvation to all who believe.”)
What’s keeping the most rabid Palinista of all – “editor-surveyor”?
To: Noamie

So many of you noobies are Palin haters; what’s the attraction?

58 posted on ‎5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎4‎:‎12‎:‎57‎ ‎PM by editor-surveyor (Freepers: Not as smart as I’d hoped they’d be)

By god, you can set your watch by him.
To: nikos1121

“Sorry, these people remind me of the Kardashians.”

And just when have the Kardashians ever say a prayer? Supported our troops? Supported the second amendment? Run a legitimate business (like salmon fishing or running the oil pipeline)?

You all should be so lucky as to have the lives the Palins lead.

76 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎4‎:‎38‎:‎29‎ ‎PM by DaxtonBrown (

Now get down on your fucking knees and BEG FOR FORGIVENESS !
And then it gets unexpectedly funny :
To: BradtotheBone

Is everyone below the age of 30 in Alaska named “Dakota,” “Levi,” “Cheyenne,” or “Tanner?”

Any Robert, William or Edwards left up there?

19 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎14‎:‎27‎ ‎PM by PGR88

To: PGR88

Naming your children after pickup trucks is a Southern tradition.

32 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎26‎:‎11‎ ‎PM by AppyPappy (If you are not part of the solution, there is good money to be made prolonging the problem.)

To: AppyPappy

>> “Naming your children after pickup trucks is a Southern tradition.” <<

But it reduces the stress of name picking:

First Son: F150

Second son: F250

Third son: Ridgeline.

64 posted on ‎5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎4‎:‎23‎:‎46‎ ‎PM by editor-surveyor (Freepers: Not as smart as I’d hoped they’d be)

OK – enough humour.
Time for some more…
To: fatima


2 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎11‎:‎12‎:‎40‎ ‎PM by fatima (Free Hugs Today :))

To: fatima

There’s never been a problem, a divorce or a hiccup in your or your family’s life? Aren’t you the lucky one?! Plus, I’m thinking that the Medal of Honor outweighs a lot of “drama” as you put it.

7 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎11‎:‎38‎:‎01‎ ‎PM by 2ndDivisionVet (You can help:

To: 2ndDivisionVet

It’s a term,back off fat guy.

16 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎11‎:‎53‎:‎16‎ ‎PM by fatima (Free Hugs Today :))

To: fatima

Hit a nerve, did I?

17 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎11‎:‎54‎:‎29‎ ‎PM by 2ndDivisionVet (You can help:

To: 2ndDivisionVet

yea right to my computer that I gave you.

20 posted on 5‎/‎19‎/‎2015‎ ‎12‎:‎00‎:‎21‎ ‎AM by fatima (Free Hugs Today :))

And finally – the for real post of the thread!
To: fatima

Alright. I’ve still got a chance.

8 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎11‎:‎38‎:‎29‎ ‎PM by MPJackal (“From my cold dead hands.”)

(golf clap)
To: Carl Vehse
Looks a little too crazy for me.

28 posted on 5‎/‎18‎/‎2015‎ ‎3‎:‎24‎:‎12‎ ‎PM by Tijeras_Slim
OK – turn the blowers up, change the filters, and let’s get out of here!
See you goons next Monday.

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