The Jindal Candidacy: To Protest Or Not To Protest?

I guess I should be pleased that more people have started to detest my alleged Governor, Bobby Jindal. PBJ is genuinely detestable but there’s been  a lot of anti-Jindal bandwagon jumping of late. I wish some of these folks had been paying attention when his name was on the ballot but that’s how it often goes on the American Left. Remember the Frank theorum: Conservatives vote, liberals protest.

Jindalism is a spent force here in the Gret Stet of Louisiana. He’s lost control of the debate as well as of the lege. That’s a tall order in a state where the Governor is so institutionally powerful. PBJ pissed that all away to pursue the fool’s gold of a Presidential campaign. Unfortunately, the pendulum will not swing back to the left or even the center as his most likely successor as Governor is your friend and mine, Diaper Dave. Recently, the Gambit’s Clancy Dubos posed the question Can anyone beat David Vitter? The answer is probably not. The Democratic party here has never recovered from the aftermath of Katrina and the Federal Flood, and PBJ and Bitter Vitter have pushed their party far to the right. In short, there’s nobody to benefit from the anti-Jindal backlash. It’s what happens when you become a one-party state.

Back to the post title. The protest in question has nothing to do with Jindal’s horrendous policies but with the announcement of his Presidential campaign. I hate to quote myself on Twitter but this sums up my reaction:

Why give the little bastard what he really wants? Attention. I think we should put PBJ in time-out and ignore his delusions of grandeur. Unless he does very well in Iowa or gets his own billionaire, his candidacy will be a short and bitter one.

I think everyone should just say no to protesting PBJ’s Presidential candidacy. He’s been a non-Governor for most of his second term, so it’s time to treat him as a non-person. Ignore him and he’ll go away… to Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

4 thoughts on “The Jindal Candidacy: To Protest Or Not To Protest?

  1. Yeah, you right. Some of the people who want to march didn’t bother to vote in 2011.

    1. A sure loser. I give him only a 1% chance to be Presidential nominee but a 15% chance to be Veep nominee.

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