Pulp Fiction Thursday: White Trash

We’ve all had white trash on our minds this week. At least these folks don’t have the Confederate battle flag flying outside their humble abode:


Time for some lagniappe: White Trash was also the name of Edgar Winter’s band before he achieved fleeting pop stardom with Frankenstein and Free Ride. Here’s the cover of the first of the band’s two albums:


What? No tag line?

Finally, more lagniappe from a band with one of the best names in musical history: Southern Culture On The Skids. Hard to believe they’d have a song titled White Trash but they do:

2 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: White Trash

  1. Don’t forget the New Duncan Imperials and their “White Trash Boogie.”

  2. I’ve seen SCOTS a few times, and they’re always a hoot. Their album titles are great, too: Liquored Up and Lacquered Down, Dirt Track Date, and my personal fave, Plastic Seat Sweat.

    No tag line for Edgar Winter’s White Trash? No…must resist…will not take the bait…

    “Was she condemned to indecency because of her bawdy mother?” The blurbs on these PF covers never disappoint. For some reason — not an ear worm, exactly, but maybe an auditory cortex worm — I always hear these things read by William Dozier, the campy narrator of the Batman TV series.

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