Speaking of Things Just Happening: Ron Fournier Finds the Republican Party Just Too, Too Dumb Now

Guys, which one of you woke up Ron? I thought we’d agreed not to disturb him until the primaries were over:

Yeah, they sure are dumb! Gosh, this is new, them being dumb! I wonder how they managed to amass so much power and visibility and from whence came the idea that they could be this dumb and get away with it? Certainly couldn’t have been from the utter lack of expectations continually placed upon them while their opponents are expected to be Hannibal atop an elephant every fucking day.

I mean, it’s not like these dumb dumb dumb people could have any reasonable hope of continuing to be treated like adequate adults by people like Ron Fournier, right? It’s not like no matter what they say, they’ll be able to keep getting a free pass on things like bigotry and obstruction while bright lights like Ron Fournier blame it all on Democrats, right?

I swear, this deploring of the Confederate-American Clown Car by those in the press who long for someone to express backward thinking and horrendous prejudice as politely as Old Dead Sainted Dad Reagan did is one of the most disgusting and ridiculous rituals of the past two decades.

They are this stupid because they’re this stupid, Ron. They’ve been this stupid for a while. It has nothing to do with a poll-tested fight for debate status (the plebes, making decisions!) and everything to do with your desperate, endless attempts to make them seem serious so you don’t have to admit that everything you spent the late 90s saying was wrong.


One thought on “Speaking of Things Just Happening: Ron Fournier Finds the Republican Party Just Too, Too Dumb Now

  1. Interesting. “Stupid Party” is what one would say in frustration about their own party. Is Ron admitting that he’s GOP now?

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