Retweet Of The Day: Willard’s Slumber Party Edition

I, for one, am glad to have Willard Mittbot Romney to kick around again. This time the only thing he’s running is his mouth, but he’s spending a lot of time dickwaving kingmaking. He even had Chris Christie and Mario Rubio over to his New Hampshire pad for a slumber party. That’s right, the man who wanted to be our first robot President used the term slumber party. Golly gee, I wonder if they watched old videos of Rafalca doing that kooky dressage thing…

I wonder who wore footie PJs, ate beans, and farted all night. My money is on Chris Christie. I’m not going there with Rubio. Now that I think of it, I’m surprised Trump hasn’t called him a black beaner or some such shit yet. Rubio is Cuban, not Mexican, so maybe he’ll get a pass from Captain Loudmouth, especially after Cubo-Canadian-Texan Ted Cruz stuck up for Trump’s right to be an obnoxious ignorant asshole. I’ve seen toddlers with more impulse control than Trump.

On to the ostensible purpose of this post. I’ve done tweets of the day but never a retweet, so I thought, why the hell not? Here we go:

Chris Christie is almost as pretty in pink as Molly Ringwald. Hmm, I wonder if he’s ever worn a Psychedelic Fur?

5 thoughts on “Retweet Of The Day: Willard’s Slumber Party Edition

  1. governor creosote fills out his dockers almost as well as he does his baseball uni.
    (p.s. the pleats aren’t helping, big guy.)

    1. The guy who should have his shirt outside his trousers does not. Oops.

      1. He’s lost considerable weight since the surgery, he probably feels like a skinny minnie and no need to worry about that sort of thing now. Not there yet, dude. White pants are rarely a good choice in any case, I guess his handlers are not very ept. Or he doesn’t listen to them. Or they don’t speak up in the first place because he’ll get all mad and yell at them. Or something.

        I think the Mitt is hoping that the party will see him with this election’s candidates and beg him to run again, as he doesn’t look so awful in comparison.

  2. Christ Christie’s pants remind me of the great audio of LBJ talking to Haggar about how his slacks cut his nuts and wanting an extra inch around the bunghole. A chicken in every pot. An inch more stride in the crotch. That’s leadership.

  3. Love that tape as well. LBJ enjoyed discussing his robust testicles.

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