Friday Guest Catblogging: Ladder Day Spirit

I live to make puns on the Mormon church’s official name. It’s not much of a life but it’s mine, all mine. This week’s guest feline is a 10 1/2 week old kitten named Spirit. Her human, my friend Jo, is painting their 9th Ward crib. Spirit decided she wanted to help. Things are definitely looking up:

Ladder Day Spirit

Spirit is all like, I’m an artist, not a house painter, man. I wonder if she has the same earworm that I have?

2 thoughts on “Friday Guest Catblogging: Ladder Day Spirit

  1. Any painting-related post inserts Donovan’s “Wear Your Love Like Heaven” into my otic orifices. This ear worm, in turn, compels me to seek out Bob Ross videos on YouTube.

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