Album Cover Art Wednesday: Rock And Roll Over

I’ve never been much of a fan of Kiss’ music but it’s hard to fault them when it comes to presentation and marketing. I got some free tickets to a Kiss arena show back in their heyday. The music left me cold but the spectacle was something else. In short, it was spectacular.

Their album covers have often been very good. This weeks’ honoree is one I’m quite fond of. It was described as follows by Matthew Wilkening at

Our vote for best Kiss studio album cover goes to this Michael Doret-designed masterpiece-in-the-round. The band is pictured as a four-headed monster, each with a background quadrant (space, fire, heaven, the jungle) designed to match their personas. The unique layout probably helped ensure there would be no squabbles among the band members as to who got to be on top, since there was no top!

It looks like Gene Simmons is on the top to me:

Kiss Rock and Roll Over