Texas Napoleon Returns To His Waterloo Redux

Here’s a picture of a man protesting outside Warren Easton High School where former President George W. Bush is making his only K10 appearance. The sign says it all:

W Protest

Photograph by James Karst. He wins the day.

Glad this guy has an oversized barf bucket. He may need it.

3 thoughts on “Texas Napoleon Returns To His Waterloo Redux

  1. muddy says:

    All week I’ve been thinking about how differently it would have been handled if Obama had been president then. It may as well have happened in a foreign country for all Bush did about it.

  2. pansypoo says:

    WHO invited Wdiot?

    • Adrastos says:

      First invitation came from the school. His much better half’s foundation has donated a lot of money to Warren Easton High. I have no problem with Laura coming.

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