In Defense of Sarah Palin Speaking American

So yet again the dumb snowbilly bitch quitter loser from Alaska who sucks and is stupid said something stupid and sucky:


And everybody’s calling her a stupid dumb bitch hick like they always do, because she’s a bag of hammers in slutty slutty shoes. Everybody’s talking about how dumb the very dumb stupid thing she said was. It was pretty dumb.

I’m going to defend here here, though, because:


Are we, as Americans, unaware that Sarah Palin has a problem with whatever is supposed to connect your thinky bits to the parts of you that utter words? Are we the viewing public or at least the Tweeting public not given something spectacularly insane every time she gets near a microphone? Is this not an utterly predictable cycle?

I’m no fan of Sarah Palin or the things she says, but she’s not an assignment editor. She doesn’t decide to put herself on theoretically reputable TV shows that say they are about the news. She doesn’t make time or space for herself in America’s discussions. We keep doing that for her, and then blaming her for being exactly what she is on the stage we invited her to strut. We keep putting her up at the podium and then calling her a dumb bitch trampslut for being there.

At this point in her political career, speaking of terms I use very loosely, Sarah Palin’s influence is exactly what editors and producers allow it to be. They’re the ones we should be mad at. They’re the ones who decide we should be listening to her. She’s incidental.*


*As are various Kardashians, Kanye, Miley Cyrus and any one of a thousand other celebrities we like to hate on to prove how cultured we are. There are people responsible for what we’re seeing and they deserve to be held to that responsibility.

5 thoughts on “In Defense of Sarah Palin Speaking American

  1. I stopped writing about Sarah Palin in 2010 or thereabouts. She was just too easy a target and was already on her way to utter irrelevance.

  2. So, who is this Sarah Palin you speak of? Sounds like a real nice down to earth fuckstick

  3. apparently the gnewz media still has a broke back mountain thing for the stupid pretty grifter. hey! trump works the same word salad. idiotocracy here we come.

  4. The same applies to ideologies as well as people. I hate the “false equivalence” thing that the MSM’s so into these days, where every nutso idea coming from the right wing* is given serious consideration as An Idea Worthy of Debate. Just once, I’d like to see the gasbags on the Sunday talk shows look at their Wingnut Guest du Jour and say, “That’s the most idiotic, insane thing I’ve heard.”

    Instead, the media’s empowering the unhinged, and I fear where that will take us.

    (*I’m sure there are some nutso ideas coming from the far left, too, though the right-leaning MSM rarely gives them any airplay or traction.)

  5. BECAUSE TEEVEE GNEWS IS STILL SUCKING OFF REAGAN’S BALLS! they still think the rite is swell, they still put the CHEENEY twins on teevee, hell. the rest of the idiot neo cons. LEARNING CURVES ARE FOR PUSSIES.

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