This Happened In Baton Rouge

Dick Cheney was not the only wingnut to deal with protesters this week. Our old pal Senator David Vitter qualified in the 2015 Gret Stet Goober race yesterday. He was greeted by a dude named Brian in a makeshift diaper:

Diaper Dave
Photo by Mark Ballard/The Advocate.

As funny as I think this stunt was, I don’t think the whole Vitter prostitution thing is going to work unless something new pops up. The issue has been litigated and Bitter Vitter has been forgiven by his right-wing base. My friend Lamar White Jr. disagrees, check out his post.

2 thoughts on “This Happened In Baton Rouge

  1. Unfortunately I agree with you on this. Unless they found something recent, or at the very least, evidence of soliciting after his public non-apology…and even then, who knows? I remember the old Manship-run Advocate basically doing everything they could to minimize the story short of ignoring it altogether.

    Nice picture though…oh, and I hear a local reporter who was asking Vitter questions got fired for being “too aggressive.”

    Sad to say, I think the fix is in for Diaper Dave…

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