If Only the Media Were Not Powerless

CNN staffers complain about coverage on CNN, then bitch anonymously in the trades about coverage on CNN, because they’re not just passive-aggressive, they’re aggressive-passive-aggressive: 

At a network town hall on Thursday, producers complained about the obsessive coverage the network has given the GOP frontrunner, including airing full campaign rallies and an endless amount of segments dedicated to Trump. One producer expressed concern that the network, as TheWrap first reported, bumped an Anderson Cooper special on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina last month to air a post-Trump-rally hour hosted by Don Lemon.


God, look. Cover Donald Trump or don’t, it’s not like I have a cat in the GOP primary fight or care what’s on CNN since I only hate-watch it at my doctor’s office anyway. But this endless whining about how the coverage is so bad from the people doing the coverage … you are not powerless. You can stand up en masse and tell Jeff Zucker to fuck himself, you’re not spending half as much time on that assclown anymore.

Yes, you’d be fired. I said you weren’t powerless. I didn’t say you were consequence-less.

You operate the switches that turn on the machine. At least act like you know that. It’s embarrassing.

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