The Fog Of Congress: Pass The Malaka Trey Edition

I watched most of this morning’s Gowdy committee hearing. Malaka Trey promised the witness no interruptions, which lasted about 11 minutes. It was like watching a major leaguer pitching to little leaguers. The major leaguer was, of course, Hillary Clinton. She was polite and courteous while the committee members asked bizarre, irrelevant questions, and pulled stunts like this:

Photograph by Doug Mills/New York Times

The massive stack of librul paper is a cliché of wingnut politics. It was hilarious in this context. OMG, EMAILS. Here are a few random tweets to give you the flavor of these tasteless and tacky proceedings:

And, yes. Trey Gowdy lost his cool and pitched a fit during the hearing. I’m not sure whether or not his face is still blue.