Louisiana Politics: The Final Gret Stet Goober Gabfest

I’m glad the Gret Stet Goober debates are over and done with. They’ve been entertaining if you like blood sports, but not particularly edifying. The moderators, were once again, terrible. They asked the crowd to be quiet at the very beginning and never again. The crowd was rowdy, which made it hard for the candidates and viewers to hear the questions. It was another time when the people at a live event *forgot* that it was being televised and stepped on the event. Damn, I sound fussier than Miss Manners inspecting a frat house terlet, but a good moderator can keep a crowd under control. At the risk of being repetitive: these were not good moderators.

I thought Bitter Vitter performed better than in last Tuesday’s LPB debate. He lied constantly but more effectively, especially about his “serious sin.” He now claims it ended 15 years ago but nobody believes him. And why should they? He lies every time he opens his mouth.

Edwards was not quite as sharp tonight. But he stayed on the attack most of the evening and fought Diaper Dave to a draw. The two candidates spent a good part of the evening calling one another liars; even though Bitter *is* a liar, it’s time for John Bel to move on and close on a high note.

The weirdest moment in the evening came when Vitter went on and on about-get ready-a purple party bus:

Vitter hammered Edwards for having an event last week at a “very adult New Orleans night club” and hiring a purple party bus to ferry voters to the polls for early voting. Edwards said he was there with his wife. “Not as interesting as your date night, Senator,” he added.

At least it was LSU purple, Senator. The event in question was held at the Lyve Club on Tulane Avenue in a primarily black neighborhood. It’s not a place that I’m likely to go but the Vitterites are implying that it’s purt near a strip club. It’s not. Despite being a snooty city boy, I love the term purt near. It makes me feel almost bucolic…

Vitter’s purple party bus rant is yet another racist anti-New Orleans attack from his campaign. I’m not sure if it will work: Vitter nailed down the hardcore racist vote long ago.

As I said earlier, I think the debate was a tie, which in baseball goes to the runner; not sure about debateball.  Neither side did much to move any votes. They were no knock-out punches. Vitter, however, was in much better form, which makes me nervous. He may have a few more dirty tricks up his sleeve before this is over. He’s already running a despicable ad capitalizing on the Paris terrorist attacks. Anyone surprised? I thought not.

It smells like 2002 all over again. Let’s hope it doesn’t work this time.

6 thoughts on “Louisiana Politics: The Final Gret Stet Goober Gabfest

  1. Good, I hope. Missed this – was at work until 6, and I just wasn’t in the mood to come home and instantly cut the TV on.

    By good, I mean as long as Edwards didn’t get…hmmm…”Quayled?”

    That said, if JBE does get elected, he’ll have one hell of a mess to clean. Funny how that’s always the case for Democrats…

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t help thinking of Kentucky. Bevins looked like he was going down to defeat there, too, until he somehow pulled out a last-minute upset. Let’s hope that Louisiana voters are smarter than Kentucky’s were, and can see beyond “sticking it to that ni99er in the White House.”

    1. The difference is that there was a Democratic Governor in Kentucky so Bevins was the change candidate. Even though Vitter and Jindal hate one another, it’s personal. Ideologically, they’re peas in a pod. Trust me, I’m nervous about this thing too.

  3. To get that ad out so fast they must literally have been watching the attacks and thinking, “hey, we can use this”. Probably put a spring in his step.

  4. Called it. Vitter dove into the gutter like nobody’s business. While that doesn’t surprise me in the least, it will be very disappointing if the voters of Louisiana make a sudden lunge for Vitter. This man is pure poison.

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