Saturday Odds & Sods: Pocket Of A Clown


I had a long week and was away from the computer for much of it. I also had a drink or five on Thanksgiving. In short, I didn’t have the requisite time to lavish on this feature this week. Strictly my bad. Feel free to call me a clown as long as I’m a semi-scary clown like the one played by Lon Chaney in Laugh, Clown, Laugh. Of course, that was a silent film and I’m rarely silent.

I may not have a full-tilt Odds & Sods post in my own pocket, but I do have a theme song. It poses the eternal question of what it’s like to be inside the pocket of a clown. It beats the hell outta me but Dwight Yoakam seems to know:

Since clowns appear to be the theme of this truncated post, there’s only one Bat character to bid you adieu:

Joker meme