Louisiana Politics: Jindal’s Defeat Tour

The man who severely damaged the Gret Stet of Louisiana’s health care and education systems is taking a farewell/victory tour/lap around the state. It’s not off to a good start:

With less than a month left in office, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is on a tour to try to define his legacy.

 “There are moments where you are humbled that this job is bigger than you,” he said during the Press Club of Baton Rouge’s weekly luncheon on Monday. “You represent something to people.”

This kind of Jindal appearance — once a rare occasion — has typically drawn large crowds of people eager to hear from an administration that has often been guarded toward the media.

But on Monday, many of the seats in the Belle of Baton Rouge meeting hall were empty, including the extras brought in to accommodate a larger-than-normal crowd.

Nice fake humility, Goober PBJ; nothing is bigger than your ego.

Jindal entered office as a technocratic Mr. Fixit, but ends his second term as an ideological Mr. Wreckit. It’s what happens when you give power to someone who’s uncomfortable in their own skin, which could be why his campaign staff did this:


That Jindal T-shirt is an image only veteran Nixonian ratfucker and former Trump adviser Roger Stone could love.

Jindal’s second term as Gret Stet Goober proves that there *is* one kind of PBJ that nobody likes.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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