Headline Of The Day: Josh Marshall Edition

Unsolicited advice for Donald Trump from Chris Difford.

I have a soft spot for Talking Points Memo. It was the first political blog I ever read and was my gateway to the blogosphere. That’s right, you can blame Josh for my blogging career. Don’t be too hard on him, he’s a nice fella.

Josh wrote a swell post yesterday about the Insult Comedian’s claim that he’s going to run against a certain former President’s penis. Trump says it’s fair game but has his own share of zipper issues so it strikes me as an unwise strategy, especially in the event he’s the GOP nominee. Of course, the Insult Comedian has no strategy he’s just winging it.

Anyway, here’s the much hyped and ballyhooed headline:

Please Proceed, Plutocrat.

A sweet reminder of the second Obama-Romney debate in 2012. You know, the one where the Oval One set a trap for Willard Mittbot Romney and he fell for it. I still think of it as the Please Proceed, Governor debate.

Maybe some of Trump’s evangelical pals should school him on the whole “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” thing. Words to live by.

While we’re on the subject of the Insult Comedian’s big mouth, this would make an excellent theme song for his campaign. Chris Difford knows his shit, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Headline Of The Day: Josh Marshall Edition

  1. i am so GLAD the gnewz media is treating the presidency like a horse race. INFORM? wha? werk? SNL had it right. slumber party time.

  2. Agree pansypoo. A pressure that we elect not only the least common denominator, but the lowest lifeform that crawled out from under a rock.

    But would an insult comedian really want to match insults with Trump who apparently has no limits ? Recently sounding like a kindergartener argument with Jeb that I was expecting to hear one accuse the other of being a poopy head while the other accused them of eating bugers.

    For that matter, in news today he is accusing H. Clinton of “starting it.” What parent or kindergarten teacher hasn’t heard a kid trying to deflect blame with “but he started it” (and what teacher would let them get away with deflecting blame like this).

    But based on Trump consistently saying the other person “started it” I don’t know whether to think it is a kindergarten attempt to deflect blame (preferably delivered in a whinny voice) -OR- if Trump is using the ploy of a bully to justify their bullying by claiming the victim either started it or otherwise deserved it.

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