Tweet Of The Day: Confederate Tagging Edition

Someone in New Orleans celebrated Amateur’s Night with a bit of tagging:

There was something of a debate among the Twitteratti about who Angela was. The mystery was solved by another picture showing that it was Angela Davis. That’s right, *that* Angela whose main period of notoriety was in the 1970’s. She was a college professor who got into it with then California Governor Ronald Reagan at the beginning of a long career of radical activism. John and Yoko even recorded a crappy song about her alleged role in a prison break on their radical chic album, Sometime In New York:

The idea of replacing the Jefferson Davis statue with one of Angela Davis is *almost* as funny as General Sherman conquering the Robert E. Lee monument. Sherman, however, does have local ties. He was the first superintendent of the school that became LSU. Geaux Tigers.

The removal of the monuments is in the hands of the Federal Courts, namely Judge Carl Barbier who is a Clinton appointee. The first hearing on the suit is on January 14th. It’s unclear who will bring the King Cake and whether or not Barbier will give the lawsuit an instant haircut and throw it out. Stay tuned. Just remember if you get the baby, you have to buy the next King Cake.