Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati -Moron Militia edition part Infinity

Well – the last time we left those Duke Bundy boys, they was in a whole heap of trouble (composite thread) :

Militamen In Burns, Ore. Break Into Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Building
Oregon Public Broadcasting ^ | 1/2/2016 | Kimberley Freda and John Sepulvado

Posted on 1/2/2016, 8:57:32 PM by Nextrush

Embattled Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy told OPB that approximately 150 militiamen have occupied Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Building on Saturday evening.

The militiamen are in Burns, Oregon to support Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven Hammond. They’re ranchers convicted of arson, who are due to report to prison on Monday.

The militiamen broke in to the federal building with supplies, including food and a generator. Cliven Bundy spoke to his son, Ammon Bundy, on the phone after they occupied the building.

“He told me that they were there for the long run. I guess they figured they’re going to be there for whatever it takes–and I don’t know what that means,” Bundy said…….

1 posted on 1/2/2016, 8:57:32 PM by Nextrush
I’m sure you know the backstory on this by now:
The Hammonds set fires on federal land to destroy any evidence of illegal game hunting they were doing on it, claiming that they started the fire on their own property and whoops-ee, it just happened to spread to federal land, sorry about that.
Hammonds go to jail for it.
Hammond relative lets slip that they actually started the fire ON Federal land.
Hammonds are summoned back to jail for additional perjury/terrorism  time.
Bundy Bunch vacate their media-abandoned Bundy stronghold, round up 150 other nutcases, and head out to “help”.
Hammonds tell said nutcases that they don’t need that kind of “help”, fuck you very much, now piss off.
Bundy bunch bravely attack unoccupied Federal building and vow to hold it against M1A1 Abrams tanks and A-10 Warthogs.
The Freeperati are of two minds about this. This dichotomy has been building for some time at Freeperville – “law and order” versus “Take to the streets and shoot the gubmint fascists (not me personally, of course)”
So – here we go!
First, the obligatory source-blaming :
To: Reno89519


Read NPR ? You must be joking. Kinda like reading Pravda. Well, Oregon mountains have been buried by snow. So they may be in a defendable position.

29 posted on 1/2/2016, 9:38:02 PM by justa-hairyape (The use of the name is sarcastic. Although at times it may not appear that way.)

To: ButThreeLeftsDo


And so it begins ?

21 posted on 1/2/2016, 9:24:52 PM by sunrise_sunset

To: Salvavida


“I can’t believe CWII kicks off for something this stupid.”

Lexington and Bunker Hill started our Revolution.

Fort Sumter started The War Between The States.

Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination started WWI.

It doesn’t take much to start a war. The hard part is ending it.

15 posted on 1/3/2016, 3:41:22 AM by NTHockey (Rules of engagement #1: Take no prisoners. And to the NSA trolls, FU)
“Reno89519” speaks out for the “Law And Order” faction:


As I wrote in another thread, the federal government needs to use whatever force necessary to protect public property, arrest these militia, jail them, convict them, and send them to prison. As an American, a veteran, I say zero tolerance to inciting rebellion and taking up arms against the US. These thugs are no better than the people rioting in Baltimore, occupying Wall Street, etc. They are definitely not someone any red-blooded American conservative should be supporting.

4 posted on 1/2/2016, 10:30:33 PM by Reno89519 (American Lives Matter! US Citizen, Veteran, Conservative, Republican. I vote. Trump 2016.)
The call to arms (in Freeper threads, not in real life) continues after the glorious Revolution!

One Freeper opines that since we all own the Federal buildings, we can do whatever we want with them :

To: Reno89519


How can you break into a building you own ?

30 posted on 1/2/2016, 9:39:48 PM by justa-hairyape (The use of the name is sarcastic. Although at times it may not appear that way.)

To: justa-hairyape


You might “own” the post office as a public building, but does that give you right as an individual citizen to break into it? No different than these federal wildlife refuge buildings.

31 posted on 1/2/2016, 9:44:34 PM by Reno89519 (American Lives Matter! US Citizen, Veteran, Conservative, Republican. I vote. Trump 2016.)


A few of the Freeperati are upset because this makes them look like the stupids:


To: TigersEye
Oh lord the thought purity squad is out in force.One of the things Reno brought up during the Bundy stand off was that they haven’t been paying any grazing fees for years, hence the seizure order for their cattle. I know they ceased those payments because they felt their grazing fees weren’t being used to maintain the grazing lands, but they were still grazing their cattle for free. The Bundy’s have plenty of ranchers in their area that don’t appreciate them getting away with not paying fees for years.

Nobody should want people from either side to get hurt. This seizing of a federal building is wrong, and not the right way to do things. It doesn’t help out the cause of the ranchers. It does play right into the hands of people like Obama who want to take away our right to own weapons. The Bundys and their followers couldn’t have picked a worse time to pull a stunt like this.

48 posted on 1/3/2016, 1:16:07 AM by USNBandit (Sarcasm engaged at all times)



“Bundy and his supporters were in Oregon after two men were scheduled to go to prison on Monday for setting fires on federal land,”

They should go to prison. Who are these freaks? Possibly endangering people and wildlife and for what? What gives them the right to do this?

18 posted on 1/2/2016, 10:41:43 PM by Politicalkiddo (“Even peace may be purchased at too high a price.” -Benjamin Franklin)

To: Politicalkiddo
They should go to prison. Who are these freaks? Possibly endangering people and wildlife and for what? What gives them the right to do this?

22 posted on 1/2/2016, 10:44:16 PM by icwhatudo (Low taxes and less spending in Sodom and Gomorrah is not my idea of a conservative victory)
Perfect parallel.
Except for the Indian getups, the location, the motivation, and the result.
Otherwise, exactly the same!
To: Reno89519


The federal government is lawless. While I may or may not support these ranchers, Thomas Jefferson and I have to firmly disagree with you.

War is coming Reno. Pick sides carefully.

54 posted on 1/2/2016, 10:58:39 PM by TheTimeOfMan (Cruz / West 2016)

I pick the side with the M1A1 Abrams tanks and A-10 Warthogs.
And, of course :
To: wideawake


yet could turn into a false flag situation for govt similar to Hitler’s Reichstag fire moment

69 posted on 1/2/2016, 11:07:39 PM by ldish (Have had enough…you??????)

Penalties offset!  Still 3rd and 30!
To: montag813


We need an armed rebellion.

115 posted on 1/2/2016, 11:36:26 PM by achilles2000 (“I’ll agree to save the whales as long as we can deport the liberals”)

Have you noticed yet that not ONE SINGLE FREEPER has volunteered to go up to Oregon and fight tha power?  Not even one?




They are going to ruin the 2016 election for us with stunts like this!

These morons need to go the hell home.

121 posted on 1/2/2016, 11:52:52 PM by TexasFreeper2009 (You can’t spell Hillary without using the letters L, I, A, & R)

Of course, there always has to be a revolution pooper :


There is a lot going on that is disgusting but we are nowhere near an open large rebellion, 150 folks hold up in a bldg do so at the governments unwillingness to vacate them. Particularly one that was vacant at the time they occupied it.

Don’t know enough about this event to comment but hardly see this as the start of any major insurection. If anything our nation is at the apathy stage, not the rebellious one yet.

135 posted on 1/3/2016, 12:09:56 AM by HamiltonJay

And another!
To: Nextrush


According to the article you posted, the Hammonds don’t want anything to do with the takeover of the refuge center. They plan on going in next week to go to prison.

149 posted on 1/3/2016, 12:27:47 AM by Girlene

To: Nextrush
Here is the Oath Keepers statement as to the Hammond/Bundy situation….The Hammond Family Does NOT Want an Armed Stand Off, and Nobody Has a Right to Force One On Them
163 posted on 1/3/2016, 12:50:24 AM by Girlene
One of the Freeperati actually figures it out :
The bundy brothers are good hearted but of low IQ. The ‘brains’ behind this is Ryan Paine….a stolen valor hothead warlord wannabe scoundrel who I had multiple runins with at the Bundy Ranch standoff (which was a whole different animal). He is the one who called for shooting Oath Keepers in the back after stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of our supplies.He called for a peaceful rally, and when locals arrived he broke into and took over the bldg, essentially using them as human shields.


191 posted on 1/3/2016, 2:03:37 AM by SENTINEL (Kneel down to God. Stand up to tyrants. STICK TO YOUR GUNS !)
How could such a Fauxriot do something like this??
To: Nachum


Correct me if I’m wrong but the Hammonds have asked Bundy and his mob to go away, right? They have said they don’t want their help or support?

16 posted on 1/3/2016, 5:42:55 AM by DoodleDawg

Details, details!
To: Crazieman


So the feds are punishing the men for protecting their own property by burning off flammable vegetation somit couldn’t catch fire and destroy their homes and other structures on their land eh? And in a controlled burn situation like farmers do almost every year, Sounds like feds trying to flex some muscle. In other words common sense has been completely flung out the window and its come down to bow to me and surrender or else moment for them. Yep, sounds like the Obama administration…

17 posted on 1/3/2016, 5:52:06 AM by jsanders2001

Followed by :
To: jsanders2001


In total our ranch is 42 square miles and we don’t burn anything until all necessary precautions are taken. Fire fighting crews are brought in, neighbors are given notice and we damn sure don’t do it when a burn ban is in place. We don’t lease or lease out any land so we don’t have any leasing contracts to control what we do for just this reason. They lied about the first fire used to cover up a crime scene and then violated a burn ban put in place to protect crews who were already fighting fires in close proximity. Sorry but I can’t dig up much compassion for this bunch other than I don’t like the double sentencing for the crimes they were convicted of.

21 posted on 1/3/2016, 6:20:16 AM by Dusty Road (“)

To: Yashcheritsiy


Hopefully they have set up some sniper nests a few days before.

29 posted on 1/3/2016, 7:18:09 AM by Renegade

I notice you’re posting this from the safety of your home.
One of the Freeperati smells a big fat commie rat in Dusty Road :
To: Dusty Road


Hey look! An apologist for Fedzilla!

Where in the BLM do you work, jerk?

36 posted on 1/3/2016, 7:45:53 AM by Crazieman (Article V or National Divorce. The only solutions now.)

To: Crazieman


“”Hey look! An apologist for Fedzilla!

Where in the BLM do you work, jerk?””

Hey look a little twit behind a computer!

We’ve been ranching in West Texas for over 100 years on this place and at one time had a total of 99 square miles of ranch before our great Grandmother died and split it up between the family. This is property rights and contracts something you should be defending not trying to take away.

38 posted on 1/3/2016, 7:58:47 AM by Dusty Road (“)

To: Nachum


Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street Irregulars has the correct take on this, IMHO.

Perfect timing for the regime. Federal provocateurs, sociopaths and idiots with a John Brown complex are writing checks that they expect the rest of us to cash in our blood.

I was first apprised of this a few minutes ago by folks on the ground out in Oregon. They report that Payne, Ritzheimer and every other “tiger-talking” fruit, nut and federal provocateur previously identified from the Bundy standoff were now in possession of the building and daring the Feds to do anything about it. My initial reaction was to observe that at least afterward we’ll know who the federal snitches are because they will be the only ones who survive the raid to take back the building. My understanding is that this premeditated action has been condemned by the Oregon Three Percenters and other groups but the fact of the matter is that these people are writing checks that they expect the rest of us to cash in our blood. And the Hammonds themselves are disavowing this action in the strongest terms.


A Threeper source on the ground relates:

“The stupid has gone so far that I don’t know if it can come back. These f-cking morons have no idea what they’ve done. The sheriff has retreated to a ‘staging area’. These guys are about to get obliterated. MSM just picked it up outside local area. It’s now regional (San Fran etc.)”

LATER: Another source says that the Feds are staging, bringing in various SRTs. This is just beginning.

I’ll have updates as I get them, but for now it looks like 2016 is going to start out with a huge propaganda victory for the regime.

My take: A federal provocateur is leading a band of lunatics, trying to nudge them into a situation where one of the loons will snipe a LEO or FLEA. Then the MSM will brand every patriot, RKBA advocate, threeper etc as a “militia murderer.” Please don’t fall for this transparent charade. Don’t be a fool or a patsy. Don’t be “Jimmy Shifflett” in this dangerous game.

The back channel chatter I am hearing indicates that this operation is intended to become Obama’s ‘Enemies Foreign And Domestic” moment. Instead of a contrived stadium massacre by a “militia nut” patsy, it is going to be a battle royale by “militia murderers” against the heroic LEOs and FLEAs. This is intended to result in dead LEOs and FLEAs, leading to draconian anti-RKBA executive orders by Obama. Please, folks, don’t be a fracking MORON. Don’t be JIMMY SHIFFLETT. Don’t be a TOOL for Obama and his gun grabbing plans.

39 posted on 1/3/2016, 7:59:30 AM by Travis McGee (

Don’t worry.
Not a single one of these Keyboard Kommandos are going to be headed for Oregon.
They’re too busy typing, and jacking off.
See you good people next Monday.

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  1. Abstract version: The revolution we have been prepping for is finally here! …Hey. Where is everybody?

  2. Want to shut that wildlife refuge occupation down PDQ? All it takes is an announcement from Pres. Obama:

    I would like to encourage ALL members of the self-declared ‘Patriot Militia’ to join with the Bundy brothers in Oregon, and hereby declare that the former ‘Malheur Wildlife Refuge’ is to be known as the Bundy Camp For The Tiny-Dicked Criminally Insane.

    Hilarity ensues.

  3. “The back channel chatter I am hearing indicates…”

    Most people don’t boast about the voices they hear in their heads.

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