A Recipe for Tomorrow’s #OregonUnderAttack Op-Eds

I look forward to the op-eds about this. In fact, I’m looking forward to them so much I CAN WRITE THEM RIGHT NOW. It’s like a recipe. Put the following in a bowl:

  1. A cup of “both sides of the political spectrum bear responsibility for radicalization and polarization of their followers.”
  2. A half cup of “whence the serious conservative thinkers, who would not be able to win a primary today.”
  3. Two tablespoons of “these types of actions only occur when people feel they’re not being heard by their leaders.”
  4. Eight sifted ounces of diagnosis from professional expert psych professors at the American College of Sexologists, who were curiously available to the media on a Sunday.
  5. A pinch of unflattering comparisons to Black Lives Matter.

Whisk painfully. Add:

  1. Sixteen grams of quotes from people who, upon a cursory Google search, will turn out either to be white nationalists, or to owe them from the last time they paid for the pony keg.
  2. A teaspoon of walkbacks of claims made in the headline and lead.
  3. Four pounds of blaming the Internet and social media for “stoking political paranoia,” and longing for the old days, when you had to get your wingnut crazy from actual ink on actual paper.

Shove in oven, burn profoundly, force-feed to entire American public then blame on “conventional wisdom” and decry debunkers online as “haters” who “couldn’t make it in traditional media.”

Possible variations: Add “Obama should have denounced these people years ago before they were even born” for a liberal-leaning slant! Dip in “reverse racism forces people to do extreme things.” Or combine with “this is what happens in a country where abortion is legal” and “there are no gun laws that would have prevented this so SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.”


4 thoughts on “A Recipe for Tomorrow’s #OregonUnderAttack Op-Eds

  1. I just read the CNN story you linked to. They let Bundy make a statement with a bunch of “Facts” and don’t bother to even have a “critics say” person but end with the Comment that CNN has not verified Bundy’s statements. Way to catapult the bullshit CNN!

    1. Laziness on their part. Either that or they were desperate to be the first ones with the story, to hell with quality/accuracy.

  2. I can’t wait to hear comments from my conservative area – which during the Mizz U protests had folks line up to comment on how terrible it is that people are protesting ; protesting doesn’t get anything done; etc.

    I also notice that your recipe (probably intentionally) doesn’t include statements on welfare cheats who owe the govt over a million dollars (Bundy, and incidentally, reports are that at least 3 of the folks in Oregon are from the Bundy family).

    Nor do I see “law and order” how we should nuke the criminals (or invent the most painful ways to kill them, etc.); why didn’t the govt do something in the Bundy Gang terrorists about 1 1/2 years ago, etc.

    1. Of course they will ignore details like the alleged poaching. I wonder how they will save face when they are forced to leave?

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