Huck’s Latest Upchuck

You may have already experienced Mike Huckabee’s deeply silly Adele/Iowa Caucus tribute but it’s my duty as a blogger to make sure you see it:

Here’s how it’s described by Mother Jones:

On Wednesday morning, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign tweeted its latest campaign video—and it’s a cover of pop superstar Adele’s hit song “Hello.”

Instead of talking about strained relationships, Huckabee’s “Hello” focuses on Iowa’s highlights and idiosyncrasies. “Amish chairs, Casey’s jerky, Quad Cities has quite a port,” sings the unnamed, unseen vocalist.

The ad includes dramatizations of text message exchanges with Hillary Clinton and Sen. Ted Cruz—with the latter sending Huckabee a text claiming he is Canadian. There’s really a lot to unpack here. It’s probably best to watch it for yourself.

I guess Huck is out to prove that, despite his wingnuttiness, he’s a regular fella or some such shit.

I’m uncertain as to whether Hello, Huck should be classified as a travelogue or campaign video. I do know that it gave me an earworm:


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  1. I use a more expansive definition of the term earworm. I apply it to any song that gets stuck in my head including good ones.

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