Weekend Question Thread: Vote You Regret?

I pulled a Republican ballot in Illinois in 2000 so I could vote for John McCain over George W. Bush. I was young and in love and so fucking stupid. Granted, I don’t think 200o-era McCain would have been a third the disaster Bush was, but still, McCain.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Vote You Regret?

  1. Voting for Bob Dole in ’96. Lotsa influence from my right-wing, relentlessly-listening-to-Rush Limbaugh boss at the time. I’m kinda amazed my left-leaning spouse peered through all that crud filling my head & picked me. I’m now seeing how much many of us women lose power as we age and wonder how ANY women can vote for the candidates the Party of Crazy-Ass Uncles is offering these days. We are weird people.

  2. i watched the beginning of Rachel last night and listened to her say how ineffective those people are, who vote in the opposite party primary for the lesser of two evils. I have, on several occasions, voted in the GOP primary in TX. I voted for Dewhurst (I know) in 2012 primary for US Senate, and he actually won the vote but not 50% and in the runoff, somehow the numbers flipped and here we are stuck with that dipshit Cruz. Providing he isn’t the Pres nominee, I am hopeful he will be voted out of office in 2018. In TX, I almost always vote straight D in the actual election. I wish everybody did 🙂

    1. I won’t admit to my worst votes (except to say that I will surely burn in hell for them). I will admit to voting for Bob Riley in the Republican primary for his second term as Alabama governor, but the Democrat was a party hack with no qualifications for the job, and Riley was running against Roy Moore.

  3. A non-vote I regret deeply was in 1990…forget the exact circumstances, but didn’t cast a ballot, and later that evening saw blow-dried-lighter-than-air-lightweight Scott Klug defeat Bob Kastenmeier, who was a genuinely decent representative, and, best as I could tell, human being. Not that one vote would’ve made a difference, but…

    I’ve been pretty good about voting ever since, though it helped to have same-day registration while living the student life in Madison.

    Voted for Nader in 1996 and 2000, but no regrets for either: Clinton was a lock for Wisconsin that year, and no way was Bush going to lose Loosiana in 2000.

  4. don’t regret voting for him, but in 1980 i voted in the IL R primary for John Anderson. because IL has a closed primary i became a “registered Republican” and it took many years and two interstate moves to get off some very weird mailing lists.

  5. My vote for Ray Nagin in 2002. Huge regrets even though I had a lot of fun mocking him on my blogs.

  6. my first, for a judge who turned out to be a perv + more. SO, i said i must RESEARCH from now on. but i always had a bent towards politics.

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