Wisconsin Hockey Kids are the Best


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The results can be seen most every Friday home game. The Wallock kids — Liam and 4-year-old sister Aoife (pronounced Eee-fa) — come wearing T-shirts that reflect their love for the Badgers in general and certain players in particular.

Perhaps you’ve seen them at games or via social media? They’re not sold anywhere because that would violate NCAA rules, but also because it was never the Wallocks’ intent to do so.

“It turned into a way to kind of support the team,” Matthew said.

“Rumpel Saves” was one of the first to create a stir. It shows Rumpel’s face in a famously Biblical backdrop, complete with halo and flowing robe.

“Free Eddie” and “Jurusik Park” are two of the most recent. The former features senior defenseman Eddie Wittchow, who’s been known to take a few penalties, while the latter cleverly links freshman goaltender Matt Jurusik to a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

There are others. One shines an election year spotlight on former Wisconsin women’s standout Hilary Knight (“Hilary in 2016”). Another commemorates former Badgers standouts Derek Stepan and Joe Pavelski as captains for the annual Blake Geoffrion Charity Classic last summer. Still another gives some love to Trace Browning, the guy who typically mans a video board camera at the Kohl Center.

The design that speaks loudest about the Wallocks is one that reads “4-24-4. Still Here.”

The T-shirt project began during the most trying season in program history. Wisconsin finished 4-26-4 overall — including a 3-11-4 mark at home — but instead of being turned off like some fans, the Wallocks became more invested. The “Still Here” shirt was seen at the final home series.

I swear this is my next tattoo.