Being John Milkovich


That’s Milkovich, not Malkovich…a Gret State Senator from Shreveport…and the vice-Chairman of the State Senate Education Committee. Milkovich has been doing some research, or at least poring over Jack Chick tracts, because he’s talking some stuff

“Scientific research and developments and advances in the last 100 years — particularly the last 15, 20, 10 years — have validated the biblical story of creation,” the freshman state senator said.

Milkovich…said archeologists and scientists have verified the origin story of the Christian Bible. He said archeologists had found the remnants of Noah’s ark recently. A study of rocks had verified that the earth was created in a week…

Sad to say, he wasn’t alone in rejecting a proposal to rescind a really stupid State law that requires the teaching of creationism in science classes — stupid both because, duh, creationism isn’t science, and stupid because the courts have reasonably decided that the law is unconstitutional and can’t be enforced. But that doesn’t stop the Stet from keeping it on the books, I suppose, “just in case.”

Meanwhile, across the border, the not-quite-as-Gret-State of Mississippi decided Praise-the-Lord-and-pass-the-ammunition is worthy of official legislative sanction. Because an armed congregation is presumably a polite one.

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