If Only There Was a Way to Prevent Being a Bigoted Asshole

Via Lex, this dumbass: 

“As a lawyer, I have stood with the defenseless because our Constitution says — actually demands — that all Americans have basic rights and, by protecting those rights, we can all truly share in the blessings of being an American,” Richardson writes.

“Since our hasty vote on HB2, I have been haunted by the fact that in one rushed action, I undermined a lifetime of fighting against those who would demonize a group of citizens to gain political advantage and to advance an unjust agenda.”

Aww, poor you, sugar pea! If only there had been a way around being a gigantic, pointless bigot. If only you had had some way of avoiding that, like, say, NOT VOTING FOR THE GIGANTIC POINTLESS BIGOTED THING like about 9 zillion of your constituents and the entire civilized world asked you to do.

Haunted. What a tool. People are haunted by things they couldn’t control. They’re haunted by tragedies, deaths, disasters. They don’t get to be “haunted” by stupid, mean shit they did out of political expediency, and they don’t get to lean on the previous good they’ve done to buy them out of being called on their crap. Haunted. Give me a damn break.

You undermined a lifetime of fighting for justice because you ran the numbers and decided that was the way the wind was blowing and it turned into a damn tornado and you got bodyslammed by a tractor and now you want to say sorry.

I mean, okay, I guess we should be glad you saw the error of your ways in two weeks instead of 60 years, but let’s keep the confetti in the cannon.


3 thoughts on “If Only There Was a Way to Prevent Being a Bigoted Asshole

  1. Never read the comments. The folks at the link seem split between “maybe it would be better to read the bill before you push your voting button” and folks wanting to excoriate Rep. Richardson for changing his mind. In the latter category, people want to crab on dumb liberals; apparently making a stupid mistake and not regretting it is more their style. As mentioned, at least Rep. Richardson made his public retraction in two weeks rather than in two years.

    And instead of sadly shaking his head and intoning that “What’s done is done,” he’s actually saying the legislature should get about the job of repealing HB 2. I hope he introduces legislation to do just that. You do something wrong or stupid, the measure of your regret is tied to how hard to work to undo the wrong or stupid act.

  2. Amazing, how no one in The Party Of Personal Responsibility is ever at fault. For anything. And how whatever it was, was always a bad idea in retrospect. Not when they had time to consider it, and they were told how bad it was, and they said Hoo-Ha! Doin’ It Anyway.

    We are truly at the point where some people are stupid enough to reflexively commit acts of evil. And not just once, or once in awhile — every day. As their job.

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