Calling Kasich Sane is an Insult to Women



You know what every political “strategist” and pundit and reporter-who-should-know-better currently humping John Kasich’s leg is saying by calling him the Last Sane Republican?

They’re saying fuck you, women, you don’t matter.

Because the only way Kasich looks “sane” is if you ignore all of this:

Since Kasich entered office in 2011, he has enacted 16 anti-abortion measures.Some directly restrict abortion access, such as the 20-week late-term ban that he signed six months after entering office. Others limit the work of abortion providers.For example, in 2013 he signed the state’s budget bill, which included one provision that prohibits state-funded rape crisis counselors from referring women to abortion services and another that stripped Planned Parenthood of an estimated $1.4 million in federal family-planning dollars. The measures have had drastic consequences for access to abortion and medical care for Ohio women: During Kasich’s time in office, the number of abortion providers in the state has dropped from 16 to eight.


During his first term as governor, Kasich was outspoken in his anti-abortion rhetoric. In 2011, after signing the Late-Term Abortion Ban, a bill that required physicians to test the viability of an unborn child if the mother sought an abortion at 20 weeks or later in her pregnancy, Kasich released a statement saying, “Life is a gift from God and one way that we express our ongoing gratitude for it is by respecting it. This bill does that in a very fundamental way and I’m proud to have signed it into law.” In October 2012, Kasich appointed Michael Gonidakis, the Ohio Right to Life President, to the state medical board.

Is that sanity?

I get that our choices in this Republican primary are limited, but we are being asked to believe that all the other candidates in the field are unacceptable on the basis of something batshit that they think.

Cruz thinks he has been sent by God to save America, like sincerely thinks this. He’s right out.

Trump wants to deport every undocumented resident of this country and build a giant wall. He’s not a viable choice either.

Ben Carson didn’t know what the debt ceiling was and made up stories about med school and shit. Marco Rubio came right out and said not only does America do torture, we should torture MORE. Carly Fiorina was yelling about baby parts and Mike Huckabee (remember him?) thought gay marriage was the criminalization of Christianity.

They were or are all deemed beyond the pale by our political press. Kasich, however, just thinks the state should have the power to force a woman to bear a child. Thank God he doesn’t think something really out there, like that Vladimir Putin sucks.

Kasich just thinks government should be in the business of regulating women’s medical decisions. That’s so much less crazy than believing Joseph of Arimathea built the Egyptian pyramids to store grain!

Kasich just wishes women who don’t want to get raped would stay inside at all times, or at least survey the parties they go to and make sure no one is quaffing a white wine spritzer, lest sexual assault inevitably ensue.

Thank God none of that is a reason to dislike him! I mean, it’s just that Kasich doesn’t think women are people. That’s not like a dealbreaker or anything, right?

Forget everything being said about Hillary Clinton right now. This is the most sexist aspect of the 2016 campaign, lionizing as the best of the bunch a man who thinks women deserve no privacy, no respect, and no benefit of the doubt, acting like loathing women is somehow less disgusting than loathing Muslims or loathing gay people. Acting like that’s not prejudice, division, or hate.

Kasich speaks in complete sentences, so we can ignore that he supports policies that lead to this: 

Me and my wife were expecting our first child. She had been pregnant for over four months. We did all the check ups, all the screenings. By all accounts he was a happy, healthy, big for his age little man, with his father’s nose.

That was until my wife’s cervix decided to dilate.

By the time we got to the hospital, his feet were already coming out of the womb and pushing through the cervix. We tried a litany of emergency measures, but the sack was already outside the womb. There was nothing that we could do.

The only humane thing to do at that point would be to pop the sack, and let little Fox come into this world too early to survive outside.

However, thanks to Texas’ frankly inhumane and cruel “Women’s Health Laws”, this wasn’t an option.

He still had a heart beat, which we were forced to listen to.

Because of this, and his age, any attempts to induce labor would be considered a late-term abortion.

Even though he had no chance of surviving, this was considered an abortion.

These laws made my wife feel our child struggle inside her for days. We cried ourselves to sleep every night. We spent four days in and out of the hospital waiting for nature to take it’s course.

These laws, in their effect, forced a woman to give birth to a stillborn baby.

Sanity. Sure.