The Fog Of Historical Pictures: Street Theatre Edition

The goofy money tossing demonstration outside the George Clooney fundraiser evoked memories of Occupy Wall Street for many people. I cast my eye back farther to the Sixties when the Yippies used street theatre as a form of protest. They even burned money and flung it about at the New York Stock Exchange. I wasn’t able to find any images of that but here’s a medley of Yippie performance art:


They staged an even more douchetastic protest at Disneyland. It was over their dress code. I am not making this up:

Disneyland, August 6, 1970.

The moral of this story for Dudebro protesters is this: do NOT emulate the Yippies. They were wankers who accomplished nothing except for getting on the electric teevee machine.

2 thoughts on “The Fog Of Historical Pictures: Street Theatre Edition

  1. Now come on, “nothing”? Abbie Hoffman was arrested for wearing a shirt with an American flag design; nowadays you can buy and wear all sorts of apparel with flag motifs, even if you really shouldn’t (please do not google Gordon Liddy and flag speedo).

    Sometimes you need to get some actual publicity for a stunt to get some initial attention so that a necessary conversation which isn’t getting any traction can move off of square one. The Occupy folks were total failures, but you notice that we’re now having a serious discussion (long overdue) about student loan debt?

  2. I was one of the kids (non-hippie) kicked out of Disneyland as a result of them closing down because of the Hippies. Or Yippies? Can’t remember.

    It was NOT the Happiest Place On Earth that day.

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