Oy, Such A Mentor


Just when you thought the Insult Comedian’s pedigree couldn’t get any sleazier, Politico Magazine published a detailed piece about his ties to evil fixer and McCarthyite henchman, Roy Cohn:

People who knew Cohn and know Trump—people who have watched and studied both men—say they see in Trump today unmistakable signs of the enduring influence of Cohn. The frank belligerence. The undisguised disregard for niceties and convention. The media manipulation clotted with an abiding belief in the potent currency of celebrity.

Trump did not respond to a request from Politico to talk about Cohn. In the past, though, when he has talked about Cohn, Trump has been clear about why he collaborated with him, and admired him.

“If you need someone to get vicious toward an opponent, you get Roy,” he told Newsweek in 1979.

A year later, pressed by a reporter from New York magazine to justify his association with Cohn, he was characteristically blunt: “All I can tell you is he’s been vicious to others in his protection of me.”

He elaborated in an interview in 2005. “Roy was brutal, but he was a very loyal guy,” Trump told author Tim O’Brien. “He brutalized for you.”

Unlike his loathsome mentor, Trump is *not* a loyal guy and dropped Cohn like a live grenade when the lawyer hit the skids in the late 1980’s. Since we know Trump is a film buff, I wonder what he thought of James Woods’ performance as Cohn in the 1992 HBO movie Citizen Cohn? The title was borrowed from Trumpian favorite Citizen Kane. I bet the Donald likes it since Woods is a notorious wingnut who’s supporting him. I wonder if Woods and Jon Voight have formed a group called Moronic Hams for Trump? If not they should get on it.

You can learn a lot about people from learning who they admire. The Insult Comedian admired Roy Cohn because he “brutalized for you.” It explains his relationship with the thuggish Corey Lewandowski and Nixonian ratfucker Roger Stone.

I continue to root for a Trump nomination because the man has so much dirty laundry that it will be fascinating, albeit stinky, to watch it come to light. The chances that Trump had NO dealings with La Costra Nostra are slim and none, and slim is in the witness protection program.

I’ll give REM the last word:


4 thoughts on “Oy, Such A Mentor

  1. Wow, Roy Cohn. Now there’s some evil that has lived long after the bones have been interred. I can’t think of an analog to Cohn in American history; he was an authentic sewer generis.

    1. I recently read a interview with Roger Stone from a few years ago. He and Cohn were good friends. In the interview he claimed that Cohn wasn’t gay, but just liked to fuck guys. He made it sound like an assertion of dominance of one man over another. A truly vile person

  2. Cohn and the Mob come up in Harry Shearer’s interview with David Cay Johnston on “Le Show” two weeks ago.

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