Album Cover Art Wednesday: Then Play On

Before superstardom, Fleetwood Mac were a respected blues rock outfit. They were also noted for having lead guitar players who went a bit bonkers: Jeremy Spencer and Peter Green. 1969’s Then Play On was the finest album of the Peter Green era. It also has a swell cover, that’s described as follows in the LP’s Wikipedia entry:

The painting used for the cover of the album is “Domesticated Mural Painting”, by the English artist Maxwell Armfield.[6] It was featured in the February 1917 edition of The Countryside magazine, which states that the mural was originally designed for the dining room of a London mansion.[7][8]

Very tony-sounding but it still looks like something out of the swinging Sixties, which was the point. Here’s the album in all its gatefolded glory:

Then Play On-2

Next up is a montage of the cover with its source material via the mokelumne-kid:

Mystery Solved


Finally, the whole bloody album with some additional tracks from the CD reissue:

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  1. It was a curse, really. Danny Kirwan also deteriorated mentally. Bob Welch, preoccupied with aliens. Bob Weston, affair with Fleetwood’s wife.

  2. Forgot about Kirwan who made his FM debut with this LP.

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