The Fog Of Historical Pictures: Soak It To Me?

After there was a riot at the Insult Comedian’s gig in San Jose, CA last week, I tried to find some good pictures of a melee at a Nixon rally in San Jose when it was a hick town in 1970. The ones online aren’t any good so I dropped the idea despite having a fine title: Stoned In San Jose. Pity really.

While doing some research for a segment on Presidential boozing for the next Saturday Odd & Sods post, I stumbled into this picture of Tricky Dick in 1979:


One thing Nixon and I agreed on was baseball. Above is the former President getting a beer bath from California Angels 2B Bobby Grich after the Angles clinched their first AL West title in 1979. Grich was one of my favorite non-Giants from that era: a player with a meh batting average, a high OPB, and off the hook defensive skills. Naturally, Grich was underrated; much like one of my favorite Giants of the same period, 3B Darrell Evans. Don’t get me started about Darrell Evans, y’all. The best baseball player nobody ever heard of.

It’s baseball card time:


Jeez, I seem to be turning into Doc; only without the whole Cleveland Cavs fan thing.

It’s always funny to see Nixon *trying* to act like a regular guy and the Grich Bud bath picture is one of the best examples I’ve seen. The post title, of course, was inspired by Tricky’s appearance on Laugh In during the 1968 campaign:

While, we’re on the subject of beer, let’s give the Clancy Brothers the last word: