Mr. French Breaks The Kristol, Nixes Run

It’s time to resume the continuing saga of GOP pundit/propagandist and incumbent malaka of the week Bill Kristol’s attempts to combat Trumpism in his own party. It’s not going well, y’all. The man ballyhooed by Nostrakristol as the savior of National Review/Commentary/American Standard conservatism has declined to be the very white knight for the #NeverTrumpers:

French, a National Review staff writer, said he gave entering the race to challenge the presumptive GOP nominee and Democrat Hillary Clinton “serious thought” with some of the “best minds in politics.”

“It would be tempting to say that when it comes to confronting this national moment, ‘somebody’ stepping up is better than nobody. But somebody is not always better than nobody,” he wrote, calling himself a “a pretty darn obscure lawyer, writer, and veteran.”

French recounted the failings of both Trump and Clinton at length but concluded an “extraordinarily wealthy” person or “a transformational political talent” would be best positioned for success.

He also wrote despite deciding not to enter the race, “the path is there” for the right candidate to run and win the White House. He also suggested while the next great political movement is poised to begin, “that movement may not emerge for some time, and it might emerge only after further heartache and pain.”

Here’s Kristol’s wistful reply to the loss of his fallen comrade:

I *should* be celebrating this latest example of Kristol’s eerie ability to get everything wrong. I’m going to miss making Family Affair jokes and celebrating the awesomeness of Sebastian Cabot. I do, however, have to give Kristol a smidgen of credit for swimming against the orange tide of Trumpism that’s engulfing his party. I wonder how long it will last. Principled stands can be expensive.

Finally, I have one more Mr. French meme for the road:

Family Affair Meme-4

Time to give-who else?-the Jayhawks the last word with one of the cheesiest promo videos ever; even if it stars Mary-Louise Parker as Marina: