Or WHAT, Guys?

I don’t know what these people imagine the consequences are: 

“Republicans: Call him out. Make him back down on the Muslim ban. Make him back down on this racist statement he’s made about a man [the judge in a Trump University case] born in Indiana … Or else you lose the Senate, you lose the House, you lose the presidency, you will lose your standing as a national party. It’s that simple. … He’s going backwards. … He appears to be spontaneously combusting over a civil lawsuit.”

Every Republican tomorrow can stand up and say Donald Trump is being awful, because he is, but THEY KNEW THAT WHEN THEY ENDORSED HIM. They knew that after the first debate. They knew that after the first primary.

They knew that, they ran the numbers, and they decided on balance it was better to stay in place than to stand up for whatever incoherent piles of knitting wool they were calling principles these days. They looked at all the angles and said no, we’re good right here with this racist ear of corn because we know how to do this, we think.

Nobody will sign up to run as an independent against him, because the animating feature of their intellectual reserves is cowardice. These are, after all, the man-boys who think yelling at women on Twitter is the equivalent of fighting at Bastogne. So he’s what they’ve got.

They can’t retract their endorsements (I mean, they can try, but it’s dumb and doesn’t mean anything anyway and he knows that because he isn’t stupid). They won’t un-nominate him. If this truly was a serious problem they could cancel Cleveland right now, announce that they’re putting all those squillions into congressional races, and let Hillary run basically unopposed.

But they won’t do that, and watching people who’ve made a buck over the years pretending that they belong to some kind of outlook on life instead of to House Bolton would be precious and sad if it hadn’t enabled the creation of quite a lot of dead people. You’ll pardon me if I continue to pass on opportunities to mourn the passing of the once-great Republican Party. Get back to me when it’s time to salt the earth.



5 thoughts on “Or WHAT, Guys?

  1. If there are still any crafty Republicans, they’ll do what Nixon did in 1964. Endorse the ticket, stay away from it, campaign to hold the Senate, and then pick up the pieces after he loses.

  2. This is silly in the extreme. Republicans who have suddenly discovered the ugliness of the Trump phenomenon have all the credibility of Captain Renaud when he found out that gambling was going on at Rick’s Cafe Americain.

    I guess they’re counting on the popular media to buy into their shocked surprise, which is probably a good bet. Don’t look for any of the usual pundit suspects (even twice their number) to intone “Give me a break” when Republican big shots talk about how sad they are.

    1. Correct; if they had the ability to get out of this situation, they wouldn’t have gotten into it in the first place.

  3. Wow. “…the animating feature of their intellectual reserves is cowardice.” That’s a keeper. Like Hunter S. Thompson, “…instincts of a dung beetle.”

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