Moving On

I had planned to post this with a few tweaks after the results came in tonight, but Ms. Athenae gave me a hall pass on her day. There may still be a few lingering, temporary anachronisms. So it goes:

It’s unclear exactly what’s going to happen when the primary season is over. One thing I’m sure of is that the inevitable happened: Hillary Rodham Clinton has made history by becoming the first woman to be the nominee of a major party in our history. The nit-pickers among you will note that there’s still a primary in DC and that she’s the presumptive nominee until the convention. Those nits are technically correct but Democratic conventions haven’t mattered for years. The last one that did was 1980, and it was a disaster that led to a Reagan victory. I supported Kennedy for the nomination, but wasn’t happy with how he comported himself after winning the California primary. I would have preferred Vice President Mondale to either of them. Yeah, I know what happened in 1984 but he was a highly respected and popular Veep before the press worked him over during the next cycle.

1980 is an example of what happens when the Democratic party does not unite. Carter was a bad and unpopular President so he may well have lost anyway. Party disunity didn’t help matters as the GOP learned in 1976. A happier example is 2008 when then Senator Clinton endorsed then Senator Obama within a few days of the last primary. The big difference between then and now is that Hillary Clinton is a Democrat and Bernie Sanders is a party of one. His main incentive to support the nominee before the convention is to escape any blame if the Insult Comedian is elected because of Democratic disunity. There’s also the matter of the Budget Committee chairmanship if the Democrats re-take the Senate in November. If Sanders means what he says about helping people, it’s a place where he can join the get-shit-done party as opposed to the purist party. It’s his choice.

I’d like to echo many of Athenae’s posts and remind everyone that this election is not about you, me, or the supporters of either candidate. It’s about the country and those who need help and support. It’s easy for silly-billies like Susan Sarandon and others to go on about Bernie or Bust. Here’s what I had to say on Twitter after her last tirade:

The Sarandons of the world can afford to weather the shit storm that’s Trumpism; the vast majority of people cannot. Besides, do we really want to listen to the Insult Comedian for four long years? No sane person should say yes to that question.

I am cynical enough to know that *some* of Dudebro Nation will never come around. For them the Sanders candidacy has become a cult of personality, and it’s hard to kick the Dudebro Kool-Aid habit. I’m not holding my breath about the people who labelled John Lewis, Joan Walsh, Dolores Huerta, and Barney Frank among others as enemies of the people. Their crime was to support HRC during the primary season. I prefer their company to that of the Glenn Greenwalds, Shaun Kings, and Matt Breunigs of the world. They, apparently, confuse civility with servility, which gave them license to be assholes or to use their own disparaging terminology, neo-assholes. Fuck that neo-shit.

I am more optimistic about the genuine Left-progressives who supported Sanders. Even though a few have sipped the Kool-Aid and talked about HRC as a Republican. How many feminist  pro-choice, pro-gay rights, anti-gun nuttery GOPers are you acquainted with? If you’re like most of us, the answer is none. HRC is a mainstream liberal Democrat in the manner of the current occupant of the White House.

The good news is that in 2016, Democrats have a unifying force in President Barack Obama. The few Obama haters in the Sanders camp are welcome to stew in their own juices but I dare them to denounce the President when he endorses Hillary this week. Come on down, Cornel West.

Finally, while I’m glad to welcome aboard folks who will vote *against* Trump, I am among those people who actively likes, admires, and respects Ms. Clinton. She’s taken 25 years of abuse from the media and the GOP and is still standing. We need someone who can take a punch to run against the grifting, lying Insult Comedian. I have long doubted that the thin-skinned Sanders can take the punishment. As to the notion in the dimmer quarters of Dudebro Nation that the press is pro-Clinton, here’s what some wise ass said on Twitter:

Repeat after me: this election isn’t about you. me, or even the candidates themselves. It’s about the poor, elderly, veterans, women and children. It’s about protecting the rights of those who the right demonizes as THE OTHER regardless of whether their otherness is based on race, religion, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation. They deserve better than a Trump administration. America deserves better. That’s why we need to keep moving on:


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  1. Well said, reasonable, and rational. Too bad such is often devalued lately!

    (And save the pass. You can probably change the date on it and use it again…)

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