I’m on the road in Richmond, Virginia doing the whole family visit thing BUT I wanted to check in because I came upon something interesting. It’s a piece by Marcus H. Johnson at Medium.com about some of the nuttier Sanders supporters: We Should Call Brocialism What Is-White Populism.

Bernie Sanders didn’t win, but he did reveal that we have much work to do with racism and sexism on the left. In previous cycles, Democrats might have assumed that most racists and misogynists resided on the right side of the political spectrum. Sadly, this simply isn’t the case. Sanders’ candidacy revealed a brocialist movement, which became notorious for attacking women and minorities who even mildly criticized Sanders online. Brocialism can be defined quite simply: self-proclaimed socialists who put class issues over race and gender issues. Brocialists believe that fighting for diversity in government and business is simply a distraction to the class struggle.

The neo-Marxist language used by the Dudebrocialists is more annoying than alarming. Why would anyone want to revisit Marxism even in more benign garb? I struggle with the notion of the class struggle. It, hopefully inadvertently, evokes images of the Soviet Bloc. That’s hardly a winning theme for an American campaign some 27 years after the Berlin Wall came down. I wish the Dudebrocialists would study history but that might be too hard for the ones who hang-out on the Tweeter Tube all day.

I hadn’t heard the term brocialism until yesterday. I guess that makes me out of touch or some such shit. I do, however, like the concept. It describes the nuttiness of people who think that differences between exit polls and vote totals can be ascribed to fraud and rigging. No, the exit polls and pre-election polls got it wrong in California. Unlike the Dudebrocialists, the immigrant population in my home state don’t care for the word revolution. Imagine that.

You say Brocialist, I say Dudebrocialist. Let’s call the whole thing off: