Saturday Odds & Sods: Sweet Virginia

Sideshow banner by Fred G. Johnson.
Sideshow banner by Fred G. Johnson.


I’m still roadtripping in the Commonwealth of Virginia but I wanted to wave the flag and say hey this morning. Family visitation is hard work y’all. Tomorrow we’re seeing the Jayhawks in Charlottesville and I’m pumped. Speaking of pumps, there’s a burg called Short Pump in Henrico Country, Virginia. I have no idea why but I didn’t want to give it short shrift.

I may not have much content but I do have a theme song. The good news is that there’s no shit to scrape off my shoes. I don’t do rural, uh, shit but y’all knew that already. I am, however, temporarily in exile and there *is* a Main Street in Richmond. Predictable. On with the Rolling Stones:

I have a couple of pictures to share that I believe fit the Saturday Odds & Sods spirit. First, some lagniappe catblogging. Introducing the North Carolina welcome center cat:


Second, our nephews Ryan and Zach doing what they call the Twin Towers:


Admittedly, I was disappointed that Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwon didn’t show up:


The NBA finals are on so I had to slip a hoops reference in.

That’s it for this abbreviated edition of the Saturday post. It’s time for a guest villain for our closing bat-meme. It’s Cillian Murphy as the cold-eyed, blue-eyed¬†gangster Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders. Don’t mess with Tommy y’all, he’ll cut you down with his bolts of blue:

Tommy S Meme

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