Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the DNC – unconventional edition

OK – I’m back – two broken-down cars and major recarpeting/flooding repair later.

So – instead of bitching and whining about politics on the Book Of Faces, I was actually doing something constructive.

Stop laughing.



View from my room of the (damn I hate saying this) Alamodome. Whoever picked this venue should have been played the Deguello.




My district (SD12) was crammed into a cinderblock  brusebad –  I mean “meeting room”, and we proceeded to vote as if our very beings depended on it.


All of my candidates (save two) won their slots, and at least four of the votes were close enough to require runoffs, some being decided by one or two votes.

So not only did my vote count, you could say it was a tie-breaker.

So much for the “Oh, my vote doesn’t count” whine, eh?
From the main floor – here’s something you don’t see very often – Mariachis For Hillary!
For the A/V geeks among us – a view from the control center:
Anywhoo, pretty standard rah-rah stuff on the convention floor – the real work is done in committee and in the voting blocs.
At the close of the convention, as people started leaving (there’s only so many 30-minute speeches people can handle at one sitting), some Sanders delegates tried to pull a fast one and do an end-run around the majority.
How?  Follow below and find out.


Apparently, since they’d had little luck getting people to sign petitions, they passed the word – “Nobody leave! As soon as the place is almost empty, we’ll strike!

They stayed until the place was more then half-empty, then started submitting a rash of resolutions. The only one that actually got any votes (30% for inclusion) was one demanding an end to the superdelegate system. Well, not exactly an end (they couldn’t even muster enough votes in their own group for that one) , but an unspecified reduction.

That one will go to Philadelphia and die a death, but I guess that didn’t occur to them.

To conclude, some pics from San Antonio’s own manufactured attraction, the Riverwalk:









My vehicle broke down on the way back to Dallas, so Barbara had to come get me and ferry me home.

Two days later, she was taking me back to where my vehicle was to meet the tow truck, and HER vehicle broke down. One rental, a lot of miles, and almost $2,000.00 later, both cars are fixed, and I’ve almost recovered from walking one jillion miles at the convention, and my back’s almost recovered from moving 180-pound PA speakers back into my studio room.

Now all I have to do is move the rest of my gear back into the studio and try and remember how it was all hooked up, and things will be back to normal (whatever that is).


One thought on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the DNC – unconventional edition

  1. Sometimes I feel kind of sorry for the Bernouts. They really thought they were winning because /r/politics was completely in the bag, but then the primary season ended and… well I empathize because I have been on the losing side for so long and it hurts.

    Then some smug trustfund baby with ironic facial hair sneers at my Hillary yard sign, accuses me of a lack of patriotism, and I feel entirely free to dislike them all over again.

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