Today in Things That Are Not Helping

Oh FFS, the only good this law is going to do is for some attorneys’ kids, who will be getting NICE Christmas presents this year: 

A bill that passed the N.C. General Assembly on Wednesday will create statewide rules for police body camera and dash camera footage, if Gov. Pat McCrory signs it into law.

The bill’s main sponsors – two Republican members of the N.C. House who are retired law enforcement officers – have said it strikes a balance between the interests of police and the public.

But open-government advocates including the state American Civil Liberties Union chapter say the opposite – that this bill would give police inordinate power to keep footage shielded from the public.

How in the … what in the … NOT HELPING. Look, if I buy you a thing, and you do stuff with it that you claim is in my interests, I should get to see if that’s indeed what you’ve been doing with it, or if you’ve been breaking it on purpose or taking stupid selfies or SHOOTING UNARMED BLACK PEOPLE and then making up a story about it.

I can’t imagine this is NOT going to be the subject of a court challenge, or several challenges, and seriously, what a productive use of our time.