The Fog Of Historical Pictures: Demonstration Edition

The ineptitude of the Baton Rouge police has been on display all weekend. They’ve manhandled and tear-gassed demonstrators, arrested reporters under false pretenses, and generally made a mess of things. I happen to share a newspaper, The Advocate, with Red Stick and their coverage has been excellent. Click here to check it out

This situation calls for a bit of comic relief, which is provided by a sign from an anti-Vietnam War demonstration:

That’s *almost* as funny/ironic as the notion that Baton Rouge is working on its police brutality problem. It doesn’t help when the Mayor is invisible. Kip Holden was planning to challenge Cedric Richmond for his Congressional seat. I wasn’t planning to vote for him since I want my representative to be from New Orleans. I don’t think I’ll have the chance since Holden has been hiding in his Kip and earning a well-deserved new nickname, The Invisible Mayor. I guess the pitcher will continue to be my Congresscritter:

UNITED STATES - JULY 14: Democrats' starting pitcher Cedric Richmond, D-La., during the 50th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game held at Nationals Stadium, July 14, 2011.(Photo By Scott J. Ferrell/Roll Call)
Unlike Kip Holden, Cedric Richmond isn’t afraid to get his uniform dirty.