Tweet Of The Day: Kip Holden Edition

The only humorous thing that’s come out of the Alton Sterling protests in Baton Rouge are the memes involving the Invisible Mayor, Kip Holden. He used to be everywhere but hasn’t been seen in a few days. So much for leadership.

This meme, tweeted by NOLA Twitter legend Champsuperstar, is one of the best I’ve seen thus far. It was texted to Champ, I’ll give credit where it’s due if the creator comes forward:

Apparently, Kip only knows when to fold ’em as opposed to Holden. Apologies to anyone who has that accursed Kenny Rogers tune in their head right now…

Hey, maybe he’s holed up at Norma Desmond’s crib with William Holden:

Have you seen Kip, Norma?

Since I gave you a Kenny Rogers earworm, let’s close with a better song:

2 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: Kip Holden Edition

  1. Well, just a guess on my part, but I’m wondering if Kip isn’t holed up because he’s somewhere between denial and bargaining when it comes to the death of his political career. You’re right that he won’t beat Cedric Richmond; if he ran in the 6th I doubt he’d do any better than EWE in 2014.

    I also doubt his chances at a statewide office. Even without this hanging around his neck, he lost to the otherwise forgettable Nungesser.

    Another option is to sit out for four years and run for mayor again…but even minus the past week…like the rest of us, he’s not getting younger. But…you can’t say “minus the past week” anymore…kind of like saying, “minus the trip to Ford’s Theater, Lincoln would’ve…”

    Holden threaded a pretty thin political needle, and I still think the guy’s a much better mayor than, well, any predecessor I can think of. I realize that’s a low bar — this is BR, not New Orleans, and unlike Holden and others around here, I don’t say that as a jab at your city…I do say that as a jab at, well, mine (still hold to a previous comment I made here: New Orleans has Kenner and Metairie, BR IS Kenner and Metairie). I dunno — maybe Holden’s too tight with the BRPD…probably a case where that was necessary to build a winning coalition in his previous elections…but is now a great big old albatross.

    Anyway…my .000002 cents worth. I am a little surprised he doesn’t just say what he thinks, given he’s term limited out, but…if he’s between denial and bargaining…

  2. I have no previous problems with Kip. We had some close mutual friends back in the day. He’s better than this. This is the Nagin model of leadership: hide under the bed and hope the problem goes away on its own.

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