TP Hit The Ground Stumbling

Just when I thought the Trump campaign couldn’t get more unprofessional and inept, these tweets hit my timeline:

Then there’s this awesome screen grab from MSNBC:

The Insult Comedian is an emotionally unstable and erratic man. While it’s true that Mike Pence is a terrible choice, you cannot ask someone to run with you, then snatch the prize away. Pence may be a loser-the Hoosier state GOP wanted him out as Governor-but unless we’ve missed something, he’s not the second coming of Tom Eagleton either. And Trump is certainly no Geroge McGovern. George was a bad general election candidate but he was a fine man and a war hero. Trump is a craven chicken hawk who talks big but runs for cover when the shit hits the fan. That’s why Newt was his perfect number two.

Then there’s the Trump-Pence logo, which emphasizes the TP.


It looks to me like a turd heading toward the crapper much like the Trump-Pence ticket itself. Some have detected phallic imagery, one thing’s for certain they’re going down thanks to their undisciplined and downright crazy candidate. Forget the polls: people want their President to be cool under pressure or at least pretend to be. The Insult Comedian can do neither and don’t get me started about Mike Liar Liar Pence On Fire and his meltdown last year over Indiana’s anti-gay law.

This mishigas has given me an earworm. Its title is the antonym of what’s happened to the Trump campaign today:

PS: I wrote this post on the fly. It was strangely exhilarating. I hope it make sense as opposed to Pence who makes none whatsoever.

2 thoughts on “TP Hit The Ground Stumbling

  1. McGovern wasn’t that bad a general election candidate. But he was running against a Democratic Party organization heavily invested in not giving up power to people who opposed the Vietnam War most top Democratic politicians had supported through the Johnson administration, AND he was running against a thoroughly corrupt Nixon administration. The last alone is enough to make winning difficult.

  2. We’ve had this conversation before. I stick to my guns on this one. The deeply corrupt Nixon administration wanted McGovern because they knew he was a lamb to the slaughter. They couldn’t even organize their convention in a way that his excellent acceptance speech wasn’t on at 2AM EDT. Fine man, bad candidate.

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