Earl Long On The DNC-Wikileaks Email Flap

One of the biggest stories of the weekend before the convention was the giant document dump taken by Wikileaks on the Democratic party. It was timed to inflict maximum damage and to help the Republicans in the general election. Why? It is widely suspected that the Russians are behind the leak, and President Putin loves him some Donald Trump and Paul Manafort. The role of the so-called lefties at Wikileaks is the most sinister aspect of the whole flap.

The contents of the emails are what you would expect from a group being sued by another group, the Sanders campaign. Nobody likes being sued and nobody likes Jeff (The Comic Book Guy) Weaver in particular. I’ve long favored doing a reverse Salome-John the Baptist thing and giving the Sanders people Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s head on  a platter in the interest of party unity. People have forgotten how unpopular she was with other Democrats long before her run-ins with Team Sanders.  I have not. If she’s willing, I hope they beg Donna Brazile to stay on after the election. That might, however, be a tough Brazile nut to crack…

The Bernie or Busters are not placated by this heady plate, but they’ll never be satisfied by anything short of getting everything they want, when they want it. I’m beginning to think that they’re mostly people whose parents never said no to them. If they believe the email dump is evidence of nefarious “plotting” and “rigging” they’re the sort of people who think that the Firefly administration in Duck Soup was competent:

Now that I think of it, DWS is the Margaret Dumont of the current political scene: humorless and clueless.

Repeat after me: the DNC does not “run”  let alone “rig” the primary or caucus processes. Those are run by the state guvmints and state parties.  The Dudebro Dead Enders should take it up with them; or better still award themselves a primary participation trophy, and join hands with Cornel West and Jill Stein and walk into the sunset of third party loserdom. I’ve had a bellyful of ideological purity this election cycle and if Trump’s acceptance diatribe didn’t scare them straight, they should STFU and vote Green or Libertarian as I expect brogressives like Ha Ha Goodman to do. I’m glad their candidate isn’t listening to them. I’ve been feeling sorry for Senator Sanders the last few days at having to deal with his overgrown toddler supporters. He should put them to bed without supper and not allow Comic Book Guy to read old issues of the Fantastic Four to them. I figure Weaver likes them since they’re all dicks.

Speaking of shutting the fuck up, you’re probably wonder how Earl K Long fits into this 21st Century scenario. Here’s how: it’s what I call the STFU quote. It’s the advice Uncle Earl would have surely given the DNC:

Uncle Earl STFU Quote

7 thoughts on “Earl Long On The DNC-Wikileaks Email Flap

  1. Thank you, Adrastos, for this post. So far you’re the ONLY media person who gets it. I spent four years volunteering at our local Dem headquarters, and this is SOP for all elected offices, from dog catcher to President. If there are two candidates running for the same office, representing the same political party, the party establishment is going to support the candidate who been the most active with the party. Like, DUH.

    I’m so sick of the media sensationalizing everything and turning it into a BIG DEAL. A line of thunderstorms sweeps through the area, and it’s wall-to-wall coverage about how WE ALL MIGHT DIE. Kim Kardashian take a swipe at Taylor Swift, and every media outlet reports about it for DAYS. And now the DNC email thing will ensure that any salient point made at the convention about our economy, world affairs, etc, will get drowned in the gossip of this “scandal.” We’re being kept in a perpetual state of ignorance and heightened emotion, which is a dangerous combination.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve done my share of campaign work over the years. The only thing anyone will remember about this flap in a few months is the Russian involvement.

    2. as big sanders supporter I will vote for Clinton if the sanders supporters that are whining still about this ..it sounds more like a child screaming at his mommy for not letting him have a cookie before dinner…do us all a favor Bernie bro’s get with the program I would have loves to have Sanders for prez but it’s not in the cards..this election..grow up and be responsible and vote for Clinton cause if ya don’t we may be looking at drumpf as our dear leader

      1. Well put. Timothy. Many of my pro-Sanders friends have come to same conclusion. Welcome aboard.

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