Pulp Fiction Thursday: Death and Taxes

The subject of Donald Trump’s taxes keeps popping up like mushrooms after a summer storm. Fellow rich dude Warren Buffet offered to play show and tell with his own tax forms but the Insult Comedian won’t bite.

Time for this week’s pulpilicious cover:


4 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Death and Taxes

  1. christflora says:

    David Dodge is underknown. He wrote the novel “To Catch A Thief”, and is the author of several hilarious travel books detailing his journey from California through Mexico and Guatemala to South America.

    Whit Whitney’s last adventure was chronicled (you should pardon the expression) in “It Ain’t Hay,” a florid look at reefer madness. I have a copy and that cover is very surreal.

    • christflora says:

      In addition, he was an accountant who wrote his first mystery after betting his wife he could a write a better one than the one she was reading.

  2. Peter Adrastos Athas says:

    Thanks for the interesting info. In this case, I just liked the cover. Sounds like someone I should read.

    • christflora says:

      I would be pleased to gift you with “It Ain’t Hay.” I am old enough (70) that I’m looking for new homes for some of my book collection.

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