Master Of Disaster

I’ve spent a lot of time studying Donald Trump. I forced myself to watch 5 seasons of the Apprentice, which is an unreal reality show that was designed to feed Trump’s massive ego. It’s a metaphor for his entire approach to life as well as his candidacy. He believes that he has a divine right to be the center of attention at all times. If he’s not, he foments chaos that focuses attention back where it belongs: on him. That’s what happened yesterday when Trump had the MSM and the so-called Republican establishment running around like chickens with their heads cut off. He was once again in the spotlight, proving that he’s the master of disaster.

There was a lot of silly talk about Trump quitting the race or being forced out by the so-called Republican establishment. It was spread by many of the media outlets who bought the same bill of goods when it was sold by the #NeverTrump crowd. Trump’s position is much stronger now: he’s the GOP nominee. His poll numbers may be sinking but he’s on the ballot. He’s not quitting the race, and under Republican party rules he cannot be replaced involuntarily. Imagine the reaction of his diehard supporters. That’s one of many reasons it will not happen. They’re stuck with him

The so-called Republican establishment is afraid of its base. They have been for many years: remember how they kowtowed to the Teabaggers? That has not changed during this election cycle.  If they wanted to stop Trump, it had to be done earlier and more forcefully. Instead, they cried like that baby that Trump threw out of the rally the other day. Does anyone really think that Reince Priebus has either the stature or the balls to make the Insult Comedian quit or mend his ways? He’s a pissant from Wisconsin who was more upset by criticism of Paul Ryan than slander against a gold star family. Mayor 9/11 and Newt are already turning on one another over the Trump “intervention” stories. They’re stuck with him.

It’s amazing to me how many people think Trump can be treated like a normal person. He’s armored with self-delusion and surrounded by yes men because that’s how he likes it. I believe all the stories about staff despair; it’s what happens to people obliged to work for a man with narcissistic personality disorder. Staffers usually don’t revolt on a losing campaign until mid-October. Trump’s talents as a master of disaster cannot be understated. They’re stuck with him.

Donald Trump ran for the Presidency so that he could be the center of attention. He thinks that his campaign is doing well because he has big crowds. He thinks that all publicity is good. He will never pivot. He will never quit the race. That would make him the losingest loser who ever lost. Roger Stone is ready to whip up the Trumpers into a violent frenzy if a coup is attempted. They’re stuck with the master of disaster.

The last word goes to John Hiatt: “Now he’s just a mean old bastard when he plays the blues.”