Pulp Fiction Thursday: Papa Married A Mormon

I’ve had Utah on my mind this week. That’s why I played google bingo with this week’s PFT post and came up with Papa Married A Mormon. It’s a 1955 novel based on the author’s Utah youth among the Utes and LDS-ers. I lied about the former but it’s a pro-Mormon tome as you can see from the first cover. The second cover is pulpy and sinister. Tell that to Evan Who.


2 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Papa Married A Mormon

  1. John D. Fitzgerald wrote a great series of kids books starting with the first, “The Great Brain” about children in Salt Lake City in the early 20th century. As a kid I loved them for the spirit of tolerance and diversity among the various immigrant communities that made up Salt Lake City. Something I’ve always thought was an American value.

  2. Really interesting. Papa Married A Mormon seems to be a well-liked book too. The Great Brain sounds familiar to me. Hmmm.

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