Malaka Of The Week: George P. Bush

The Bushes at the 1992 RNC. This week’s malaka is on the left behind Bar.

The Bushes have always been hacks and political opportunists. Sainted Moderate Senator Prescott played footsie with the Nazis long after most American businessmen dropped them. In Gary Trudeau’s memorable phrase, Poppy Bush placed his “manhood in a blind trust” when he became Reagan’s running mate. Poppy’s 1988 campaign was simultaneously dirty and trivial. W held hands with the Saudis and went along with racist attacks against John McCain’s adopted child and McCarthyite smears against John Kerry. As for Jeb, his flaccid Presidential campaign was an expensive flop like those of John Connally or Phil Gramm. One thing the Bushes have never done is turn on one another in the pursuit of political expedience. Until now, that is, and that is why George P. Bush is malaka of the week.

I first heard of George P. Bush back in 1988 when Poppy referred to his grandchirren as “little brown ones.” He entered the family business as an elected functionary in Texas. Malaka George P is the Land Commissioner, why that’s either a thing or an elected office is beyond me. Sounds like a vestigial limb or something but now that I think of it there are:

That’s right,  Jeb’s spawn entered politics in Paw-Paw and Uncle W’s state, not Pappy Jeb’s Florida. In their pursuit of power, the Bushes have always been nomadic as well as opportunistic. I wonder if Malaka George P polled Prescott’s Nutmeg State while he was at it.

Last Saturday, Malaka George P, who is half-Mexican, announced that he was supporting the bigoted nominee of his party:

“From Team Bush, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but you know what? You get back up and you help the man that won, and you make sure that we stop Hillary Clinton,” Bush said, according to video of the remarks provided by an audience member.

Bush was speaking in his capacity as the Texas GOP’s victory chairman, who is responsible for overseeing the party’s statewide campaign in November. Bush had been criticized for taking the role without backing the party’s presidential nominee.

The move, of course, is all about the craven pursuit of power. He’s now supporting the man who ridiculed, derided, and demeaned his father AND called his mother’s people “rapists.” Instead of building a wall to keep Trump away from his family, he’s endorsed him to placate the Texas wingnutteratti.

Malaka George P’s move has been praised as cunning as it sets him up as the anti-Ted Cruz in Texas politics. I’d use another word: spineless. It even conjures up this legendary 1987 Newsweek cover about his Gramps:

Wimp Factor

I wonder how long even the Trumpers will admire a guy who sold out his own father to advance in the game. Some practitioners of domination politics may take a dim view of someone who spinelessly submits to the Alpha Asshole with nary a whimper. Think about it: he supported the Insult Comedian to remain “victory chairman.” Talk about a hollow victory. Nobody will remember who or what that was after Trump loses. They will, however, remember the Wimp Factor Redux.

The worst thing about Malaka George P kissing Trump’s ring is that Jeb probably gave it his blessing. Read my lips: the Bushes have always been hacks and political opportunists. I think the P is for pissant. And that is why George P. Bush is malaka of the week

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  1. Little Georgie actually has a kind of important job and is using it (no doubt) to springboard to some other more significant state job down the road. He’s been accused of, along with other state office holders, illegally paying staffers, using emergency leave money, after they left their job. He’s scum like the rest of the Austin crowd.

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