Pulp Fiction Thursday: Shooting Star/Spiderweb

Robert Bloch is best known as the author of Psycho and the creator of Norman Bates. Before horror success came his way, he wrote crime fiction. In the 1950’s Ace did two-fer pulp paperbacks; in this instance of Bloch’s novels Shooting Star and Spiderweb. I couldn’t track down a side-by-side scan, so this will have to do:


Speaking of shooting stars, here’s Bad Company:

And speaking of spiderwebs:

One thought on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Shooting Star/Spiderweb

  1. I had no idea Bloch sidelined into crime fiction, but he began his career with weird fiction back in the 1930s as a disciple of H.P. Lovecraft (indeed, the two authors affectionately killed each other off in a pair of short stories published in Weird Tales in the 1930s). He also, back in the early ’40s, wrote the semi-famous “Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper,” which was adapted for radio and television several times.

    The guy started writing young and was around for a long time.

    Cool book covers!


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