Trump’s Mexican Bait & Switch


The political press knows who and what Donald Trump is: a flim-flam man. But they fall for his act time and time again. The New York Times is particularly susceptible to this carny barker’s blandishments. They had to do some radical rewriting of their Trump Wednesday article as you can see in this tweet:

There’s a disconnect at the Gray Lady between its political writers and news reporters. The latter have done some outstanding work about Trump’s slumlord father Fred and the Insult Comedian’s massive business debt. The tone of their political coverage, however, resides in MoDo-land, which is a realm that nobody should even want to visit let alone live. It’s a place where Anthony Weiner’s penis is of vital importance and where bad weather clichés dominate coverage of the Clintons. It’s also a place where the paper of record gets conned by the Insult Comedian over and over again.

Trump pantsed the MSM yesterday with a classic bait and switch. His impromptu visit to Mexico City baited the MSM into believing that he was somehow “moderating” his views. They fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Pardon the cliché but it fits. The switch came with his ranty, red-faced, angry harangue in Phoenix. Again the MSM fell for it. The press is supposed to be probing and skeptical but the political press corps was a gullible mark for Trump’s con game. Repeat after me: Every flim-flam man needs a sucker.

Press coverage of Trump’s meeting with wildly unpopular Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto was analyzed through a lens of low expectations. Trump didn’t kick EPN in the balls and behaved like a facsimile of a human being so he was described as “looking Presidential.” The aftermath of the meeting has been murkier: EPN’s people and Team Trump have traded accusations of mendacity. Team EPN say the “wall” was discussed and that EPN told the Insult Comedian that Mexico would not pay. Team Trump maintains that it was not discussed because that would be inappropriate and rude. I am not making this up. The rudest man in America was too polite to mention his phantasmagorical wall? Neither side has any credibility with me so it’s tempting to say a pox on both their walls. There are more witnesses on EPN’s side so I’m giving him a slight edge. For more on the Mexican side of the equation get thee to Al Giordano’s Twitter feed. Al knows his shit about Mexican politics, y’all.

It was a surreal Wednesday watching the MSM fall for a huckster’s con and witnessing a Mexican President meet with the only guy more unpopular in his country than he is. I had to pinch myself at times to verify that it wasn’t sinsemilia flashbacks or some such shit. It’s proof positive that the one thing Trump is good at is working the media. They think it’s in poor taste to call him a liar so they don’t. They also do not recognize Trump’s Mexican sojourn for what it is: a stunt. Stunts are ephemeral and soon forgotten. Stunts are the physical comedy of the PR world, Trump was immediately back at work as an Insult Comedian at his Phoenix gig. To paraphrase Grace Slick, stunts don’t mean shit to a tree.

Having laid the bait for the gullible political press, Trump switched gears with a truly hateful speech reminiscent of his Trumpvention acceptance harangue. Once again, the MSM expected a “pivot” and got vintage “they’re all coming to rape and murder us” red meat for the xenophobia crowd. A certain Gret Stet hater loved it:

I think the word pivot should be banished from the political lexicon. Besides, when a Democrat moves to the center they’re making flippy floppy but it’s a pivot when a GOPer does it. Enough already. Basta ya. Das ist genug. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t sound better in the original German…

I’m glad that I suspended Godwin’s Law for the duration of campaign 2016. Everything about Trump’s speech reminded me of Triumph of the Will from the staging to the wild hand gestures to the almost hysterical tone of the speaker. The next time someone tells Hillary to stop shouting, I will kick them in the slats.

I’m not the only one who needed to discard Godwin’s Law. The MSM does too. Their coverage of Trump is clueless: they keep expecting him to be a normal human being instead of what he is,  a monster. Above all else, they need to stop falling for his con artistry and apply more skepticism to his words and deeds. Yesterday’s Mexican bait and switch should have been covered for what it was: a sham and a farce. It’s time for them to call a hater a hater and, more importantly, a liar a liar.

5 thoughts on “Trump’s Mexican Bait & Switch

  1. As the NYT’s debacle unfolded, I kept thinking of the late, great W.C. Fields and the title of one of his films: You can’t cheat an honest man. The corporate press is everything but honest this campaign season, and the news side of the Times deserves every bit of ridicule they’re getting–and more. They’re a disgrace to journalism. To paraphrase Dave Barry, somebody needs to hose down their newsroom with an Uzi loaded with pink slips.

  2. Welcome to the National Sociopath Party. Come for the Racism, stay for the Rat Fucking.

  3. I guess the New York Times’ public editor Liz Spayd finally got in touch with the Times’ political editor Carolyn Ryan (Maybe they’re on different floors? Elevators don’t work? Stairs are blocked off? They don’t use no new-fangled ee-lek-tron-ick mail at the Times? Your guess is as good as mine.) to find out what the hell happened on this story.

    Part of Ryan’s word spew included the sentence, “The story changed on us.” I submit this as the 2016 version of “Mistakes were made.” I don’t know how the story could have possibly changed, if the reporter was waiting to see what Trump said. It might have changed if they wrote the story ahead of time, before the candidate’s speech. Maybe Doc can enlighten as to whether that’s standard journalistic practice.

    Right now the Times looks like a basketball ref who blows his whistle in anticipation of some guy getting clobbered on the way to the hoop only to have the defender make a clean block. Wait for the foul to be committed, then call it. Wait for the speech to be delivered, then write your story. This ain’t rocket surgery.

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