Bornstein Again


After all the build up about “transparency” on medical records, it turns out that Team Trump was firing blanks. Make that firing blanks full of bullshit:

Promises from the Trump campaign of greater transparency about the GOP nominee’s health fizzled Wednesday amid a blizzard of conflicting statements from the campaign and almost comical levels of TV puffery.

Early reports from Trump’s much ballyhooed TV appearance on Dr. Mehmet Oz’s show, which was taped Wednesday afternoon, suggest little new about Trump’s health was revealed. Trump merely gave the TV doctor a one-page summary of his physical examination, which was conducted by none other than gastroenterologist Dr. Harold Bornstein, the same doctor that wrote Trump “will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

At this point, I should not be amazed that the MSM falls for Trump’s flim flammery and con artistry but I *am* appalled. One reason I am so pissed off about the campaign coverage is that I follow many members of the political press on Twitter and they chatter endlessly about trivia. A saving grace of political Twitter is Norm Ornstein who has been chastising the MSM more and more lately:

Norman was stormin’ at the vacuous Chris Cillizza of the WaPo who is an easy mark for Team Trump. He falls for their bullshit every time. The thing that needs fixing at the Fix is their adherence to the Clinton Rules. I’m beginning to think that the Cillizas and Halperins of the political media want Trump to win because they think he will be “more fun” to cover. It’s all just a game to them: forget about his crypto-fascist appeals to bigotry and xenophobia. They won’t suffer if the country elects a white “nationalist” as President. It’s all fun and games to them. They don’t care about things like this in Oregon:


They don’t care that rally protester beatings are back with a vengeance. In this case, a 69-year-old woman with an oxygen tank in North Carolina:


Photograph via TPM.

They don’t care that this is what Trump’s often violent rhetoric inspires. It’s not a war on human decency to the MSM, it’s all a game. The media see (sees?) itself as an umpire or a referee in the game of politics. If that’s so, they’re like football refs who throw flags on every play against one team while allowing their opponent to beat up old ladies and brag about it in post-game interviews.

End of an almost manic digression, which is, to paraphrase Jimi Hendrix, a frustrating mess.

Back to the latest shiny object that distracted the MSM from focusing on the Trump scandals. After days of promising “transparency” all Team Trump released was a one page letter from this guy:


Dr. Harold Bornstein: Jolly Joker.

Let’s review the bidding. A reality teevee star goes on another reality teevee star’s show to release a one page letter by the former’s shaggy lap dog doctor. It’s also con man to con man: Dr. Oz is *almost* as sleazy as Donald Trump. It’s celebrity apprentice tweet time:

This gives a whole new meaning to the term share and share alike. I’ll skip the Sonny jokes…

I used the Randy Newman Born Again billboard picture at the top of the post because it supported my punny title: Bornstein Again. There’s another reason for the Newman reference. He’s famous for using the “unreliable narrator” in his lyrics. That’s what the MSM is in this election cycle an unreliable narrator as well as an easy mark for the Insult Comedian’s shell game. Hey, he’s using a teleprompter, he’s a normal candidate. No, he is not.

I’ll give Randy Newman the last word with a song from Born Again, which I’m convinced mocks Trump supporter, Gene Simmons. Just look at the billboard picture again: it’s tonguetastic:


3 thoughts on “Bornstein Again

  1. “I’m beginning to think that the Cillizas and Halperins of the political media want Trump to win because they think he will be “more fun” to cover. It’s all just a game to them: forget about his crypto-fascist appeals to bigotry and xenophobia. They won’t suffer if the country elects a white “nationalist” as President. It’s all fun and games to them.”

    Hell, that’s been the case since 2000–just look at how the media feted Bush and attacked Gore. Back then, one journalist remarked that anyone could go and look up the real story about Bush, but that it was just “more fun to go after Al Gore”.

    Think about that for a moment.

    You are right–Cilliza and company think they have nothing to worry about (also see that douche who wrote that comment about wanting to vote for Trump to “blow shit up”), even though Trump hates the news media. Of course, it’s the US population who will get the shitstorm (and the rest of the world, for that matter). But then again, they won’t care. They didn’t care when Bush ran riot; it was only after the horror of a drowned New Orleans that they started wising up.

    Plus. the media has had 25+ years of Hillary hatred, and they are furious that nothing stuck (well, they can drag out the “she’s untrustworthy!” line, but who was responsible for that?).

    Still, I’m not soiling my pants. The media has ignored Hillary’s strong ground game and her funds–both of which are far, far greater than Trumps–while using polling data that’s twelve years old and does not take into account 2008 and 2012. In short, they’re focusing more on white voters and leaving out AAs and other minorities, who are most certainly NOT in Trump’s camp, but in Hillary’s. No one said this would be easy–but if it gets people out to vote then that will work–and it will be a big middle finger to the MSM d**kheads who think that this is all a game.


  2. Thanks. Oh I love Randy Newman. And i like a lot this song, though the funniest one was It’s Money That Matters


  3. Racer X says:

    Oh but they are exactly like referees – pro wrestling referees.


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