This is Excellent News for Donald Trump!

Shit explodes, police shoot a black guy again and there are protests, and to CNN, this is all a win for Donald Trump! 

For fuck’s sake. There’s a way to be a person about all this, which is to say that Trump capitalized on these world events and SAID they fit his campaign’s (small, nasty, sad, gross) narrative. But to declare bombings and police shooting people as “wins” like this is something he did is sociopathic. There are actual injured and/or dead people whose pain is not just a tick on the Trump side of the scorecard.

Trump doesn’t have to remember that or care about it. A national cable news network? Should.


One thought on “This is Excellent News for Donald Trump!

  1. Just wait till Trump gets a load of the recent mass shooting here in Washington State — done by an immigrant from Turkey – OMG! I am cringing already from the expected zombie feeding frenzy he will create. Of course, he won’t mention 8 shot in Baltimore (presumably by 3 non-immigrants), nor the 7 shot in Houston, or the 3 shot…..oh, you know the drill. A mass shooting a day — but he will only care about the one by an immigrant who shot a bunch of (mostly) white people.

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