Instant Analysis: How Sweet It Is

I made an instant pudding joke in my pre-debate post as to whether my instant analysis would be sweet or savory. In the immortal words of the late Jackie Gleason, how sweet it is. Trump was even worse than expected and Hillary is the queen of the world right now as well as our next President.

I hope the MSM will compare the Insult Comedian’s demeanor unfavorably to the worst of Gore 2000. He glowered, scolded, grunted, and, worst of all, sniffled all night. One of the Trump cylons should have given him a Xyrtec to stop his nose from running. Of course, it perfects the analogy of him as an overgrown, snotty toddler. His horrendous performance shows what happens when you do not prepare for a debate and your opponent does. By the end of the evening, he was rambling incoherently about nukes and Rosie O’Donnell. It was Insult Comedian word salad. If I didn’t loathe and despise him, I’d *almost* feel sorry for him. Almost. How sweet it is.

As to Hillary, she exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with. She looked great and was in command of the facts while her opponent spoke at a third grade level and wouldn’t know a fact if it bit him in the weave. Is it just me or did anyone else think his hair was slipping during the debate? It’s what happens when you cannot keep still for 90+ minutes.

Hillary also expertly punched Trump’s buttons; leading to angry shouting, chest thumping, and dick waving on his part. She laid out the bait and he fell for it every time. Needling him about his taxes and wealth caused Trump to lose his shit. I was a happy man. Hillary even came up with her own “Please proceed, Governor” or “There you go again” line. After one of Trump’s whoppers, she smiled, shook her head in sorrow, not anger, and said: “Just listen to what you heard.” It was the sound of Trump Fail. How sweet it is.

Lester Holt may not have had control over the debaters BUT he asked many of the right questions. The ones on Trump’s taxes and birtherism were on the money. He also refused to accept Trump’s Iraq War lie, which the Insult Comedian loudly and insistently repeated. Holt was so much better than Matt Lauer that the ghosts of NBC News past, David Brinkley and John Chancellor, will not have to haunt Lester. They can stay at Lauer’s pad. I hear the view is better….

It’s hard for me to evaluate the debate in great detail because I was riffing in the Crack Van and didn’t take any notes. I’m also biased: I’m a Hillary fan and a Donald hater. Having said that, she cleaned the lying son-of-a-bitch’s clock tonight. I expect a toddler tantrum on Twitter any time now, especially since an uppity woman called him on his bigotry, sexism, and ignorance. She really got under his skin and it was a pleasure to behold. How sweet it is.

I’m writing this before reading other reactions to tonight’s festivities but Mark Cuban was right to dub it the Humbling at Hofstra. I think Trump’s brief surge is over. He’s had a hard time getting over 44% in the national polls and this won’t help matters. Did he lose any of his hardcore supporters? Hell to the no, but I think Hill’s performance will move the needle with soft-Clinton supporters, third-party voters, and young ‘uns. It’s much better to have your sensible mom as President than the crazy uncle who watches too much Fox News. That’s how they came off and mom will always win that contest. How sweet it is.

I hope all the liberal Nervous Nellies will exhale and repeat after me: Hillary Clinton will be the first Oval One with ovaries and Donald Trump will NOT be the first Insult Comedian elected President. How sweet it is.


6 thoughts on “Instant Analysis: How Sweet It Is

  1. I sincerely hope you are right. He certainly kept things at a grammar school level and was clearly upset in the 2nd half, and kept interupting in the worse (best!) way. But he did way better than I expected, for what that’s worth. And hearing from a family member this weekend (whose stance I’m not too happy with) he is effective with a certain segment of the population who can’t be bothered with anything but sound bites.

  2. Have a drink and take a deep breath. He’s going to get 43-44 of the vote because he’s the GOP nominee. He’s a protest candidate. Nobody wants an angry asshole in the White House.

  3. At least Little Donnie didn’t soil himself onstage. That probably counts for something among the RWNJ who support him.

  4. He will be loaded for bear at the next debate. He’s gonna want to go after her (like both he and his little prick of a son said, he held back on BILL’s affairs). He will make the next one about Benghazi, emails, and Bill and it won’t matter what the moderator brings up. His camp also thinks he scored on her being in government for 30 years so I expect that again. He will repeat these things for the entire debate and still not answer a single question.

    1. That’s what he should do, but he could have done that in the first debate. What makes you think he’ll be any better at preparing for debate #2? He’s a 70 year old aging leopard who isn’t capable of changing his spots – doesn’t think he has to prepare for anything, and I’m betting that he’ll have convinced himself he won this one by the time the next one comes up, so since he did such a fabulous job, why change?

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