Tweet Of The Day: When The Whip Comes Down

Whip smart Wonkette founder Ana Marie Cox has long been one of my favorite netroots era pundits. She outdid herself during the Humbling at Hofstra:

Hilarious, but it requires some fake fact checking. A Benjamin sounds kind of low for a 2016 whipping. I learned all I know about current hooker prices from The Good Wife, but I think Chris Noth paid over $1K per session and that had noth-ing to do with kinky sex. Of course, Trump is famously cheap so he’d even stiff a dominatrix. That seems like a risky move to me, y’all. I bet he has Don the Spawn deal with shit like that…

Back to the post-debate reaction. I’ve been agitated by Trump’s bragging that he “won” the debate when his disemboweled entrails are still on the floor at Hofstra. Pity the poor janitor. In fact, I whipped out a tweet on that very subject:

Why would I expect the Insult Comedian to either know the difference or tell the truth about it? This is the man who blames his debate eve sniffles on a faulty mic, after all. That lie has about as much stamina as Trump himself.

It’s time to bring the whip down on this post:

Lest people think I forgot my Devo devotion, I’ll give them the last word:


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